‘We Are Deeply Disturbed’: NY Jewish Group Denounces AOC’s Border Concentration Camps Remark

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is coming under fire from a Jewish community in her own state after she compared southern border detention facilities to “concentration camps.”

The controversial freshman made the remark late Monday during a live video, in which she took aim at President Donald Trump, labeling him “fascist,” and condemned his administration’s plans to hold undocumented migrant children at a facility in Oklahoma — a place once used as a Japanese American internment camp, but turned into a military base. It’s worth noting, the Obama administration once used the same facilities and others for the same purpose, before stopping after receiving backlash.

“The U.S. is running concentration camps on our southern border and that is exactly what they are,” Ocasio-Cortez said, as IJR Red previously reported.

She continued to reference the term “never again,” which as Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer also pointed out, “‘Never again’ is the phrase that Jews all over the world use to make sure that the extermination between 1939 and 1945 never happens again.”

In a letter to Ocasio-Cortez, the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York condemned her remark:

“We are deeply disturbed by the language used in your recent Instagram live video which seeks to equate the detention centers on America’s southern border with Nazi-era Concentration Camps. The terms ‘Concentration Camp’ and ‘Never Again’ are synonymous with and evocative of the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, in which 6 million European Jews were systematically denied civil and human rights due to their race and ultimately murdered in a state-sponsored genocide.”

The Jewish council offered Ocasio-Cortez a visit to a Holocaust museum and a concentration camp to grasp a “better understanding” of the “horrors of the Holocaust.”

They also urged her to stop “using terminology evocative of the Holocaust to voice concerns about contemporary political issues” — this wasn’t Ocasio-Cortez’s first comparison of current politics to Nazi Germany.

Check out their full letter below:

Ocasio-Cortez attempted to defend herself against the “shrieking Republicans,” as she suggested on Twitter on Tuesday that experts define “concentration camps” as “‘the mass detention of civilians without trial.'”

Her comments, however, didn’t sit well with many, as Republican lawmakers blasted her for “the lack of respect for those serving at the border” and “not lifting a finger to solve the problem” at the U.S.-Mexico border.


  1. I am deeply disturbed by your attack on AOC shining a light on Trump atrocities in the children’s concentration camps.

    You should applaud her instead of attacking her for speaking the truth.

  2. This kind of stupidity is aggregious, insulting and cruel. The chickens will come home to roost for these loud-mouth leftist loons. The sooner the better.

  3. Ocasio Cortez’s “shrieking Republicans,” comment suggests she learned nothing from the very gracious letter the Jewish community wrote to invite her to visit one of Hitler’s concentration camps or the Holocaust Museum. Instead, she dug in her heels in an attempt to defend herself and to remark about a definition of camp but left out the most important word, Holocaust. Her concentration camp comments show a total lack of re[ect for the border agents, medical staff, workers, and volunteers, trying to manage an unmanageable crisis while not willing to learn anything other than her rhetoric is not making a positive difference.

  4. Question, will the New York Jews expressing concern contribute to her opposition’s campaign and get rid of this moron? I will guess, No.

  5. She should go visit those concentration camps. You can still feel the presence of the souls of the dead in the very air! She has so very much to learn!

  6. Tell her to go visit those concentration camps! You can truly feel the souls of the dead still haunting the air! She has so much to learn!

  7. “It’s worth noting, the Obama administration once used the same facilities and others for the same purpose, before stopping after receiving backlash.”

    Yes, that is worth noting! Obama received backlash so it makes sense the current president would as well.

    1. What backlash? i was alive and well during Obama’s stint in the white house, and there was no backlash from the liberal media over anything Obama did.

      1. So if you didn’t see it, then it didn’t happen?

        Not all presidents gauge their actions by whats on the TV. There were a lot of protests for how Obama handled immigration and enough that even this article noted he changed directions.

        I am not arguing right or wrong, but i did find it interesting that they admitted that Obama did face backlash.

        1. What protests, as I live on the southern border! Obama could do no wrong, he could murder and the MSM would oh and ah and the democrats would clap! I remember if I said anything negative about Obama I was told that I was a racist, so I learned to keep my mouth shut, this is what your democrats have made this country into, people so afraid to speak their mind!

          1. WHEN did your alternate reality BEGIN? The woman at McCain’s rally was afraid to call Obama “an Arab.”? IJR posters were afraid to call Obama a “Kenyan” or “Muslim”?? FOX News was afraid to criticize everything from WHERE Obama vacationed to wearing a tan suit? Donald Trump was afraid to accuse Obama of a phony birth certificate and economic numbers? Sarah Palin was afraid to make up “death panels” in Obamacare? Mike Huckabee was afraid to call Obama “not a Christian”??? Alex Jones was afraid to call Obama “treasonous”?? What universe do you reside?

      2. I wonder that myself, as a fellow survivor.

        “After the fact” does not count, nor does the deafening silence from Congress count as a backlash.

      3. “What backlash?”?? Under what rock were you hiding when the liberal media was up in arms about the use of drones? The immigration policy? For waiting for Boehner to fulfill his promise to bring an immigration bill to the House floor BEFORE he signed an EO??? How did you miss the outrage over the increase of troops in Afghanistan shortly after taking office? For NOT bringing the troops home from Afghanistan? Phoenix is CORRECT. Simply because you didn’t listen to liberal media, does NOT mean “there was no backlash from the liberal media over anything Obama did.” WHAT liberal media outlets did YOU and your up votes listen to?

    2. Yes, it is expected that since Obama received backlash, Trump would as well. However, the numbers recently have become overwhelming, and sometimes, you have to do something a little unpleasant, to solve a problem. That is how adults act in the real world. It might sting a little bit, it might not be aesthetically appealing, but it must be done for the greater good for all. Deal with it, it’s real life!!

      1. Good point. Circumstances have definitely changed, as have the sheer numbers.

        I disagree with the “adult” part unless it is hard and real-world. I’d either crucify them at the border (no clearer “Keep Out” message than that) or welcome them in to be converted for their nutrients. Use the internet and word of mouth to make the consequences known. Soylent Green!

    3. I dispute the “backlash”. Where is/was it?

      Obozo had the press in the pocket of his mom jeans. (perhaps replacing other, missing items)

      NO member of Congress publicly called him out or used the term “concentration camp” at the time.

      Even Snopes (such a wonderfully non-partisan site. NOT.) “debunked” his use of the detention facilities as “concentration camps”, going so far as to Snope-splain the kids in cages as “juvenile detention camps”.

      1. LOL…the R’s in Congress were hardly in a position to mention the detainee sites as they were on the record as claiming Obama’s immigration policy was “CATCH & RELEASE.”

    4. So, if detention/concentration/whatever camps are objectionable, what solutions would you propose short of releasing them into the gen pop?

        1. Any “backlash” indicates that people object to the concept.

          While your post poses a contrast, I’d still like to hear your sources for the claimed Obozo “backlash”.

          1. With where things stand now, no i have no major objections other than the amount of time it takes to process requests. Being in a dentention center is a lot less palatable when they are being held forn 2+ years.

            If you didn’t see articles and protests calling Obama the “Deporter and Chief” years ago then i don’t know what to say. Maybe i just saw more because at the time i was reading a lot of left leaning news articles?

            Obama was pretty far left, but there are plenty of crazies who are were angry he wasn’t left enough.

          2. I was reading and continue to read many Leftist sources (no leaning involved when they were prostrate in obeisance to The Lightbringer™). Stupidly optimistic I hoped they might show some objectivity.

            Due process takes time. It takes time. Would you consider my proposed alternative: processing into nutrients or serving as abject examples more expedient? (or practical?)

            I bring those up as an example of the other “extreme” to open borders, though not entirely as satire. F’em. They break the same laws that created the country they want to live in. (I bet you can guess my thoughts on the expediency of capital punishment, “humane” or not. You can also guess my thoughts on the “humane” part, because hard consequences are good examples.)

            The worst part is that the extreme-Left “crazies” are now mainstream and publicly touting it. q.v. the clown bus getting ready for the debates. If one stood up and had a platform which took less of my money and did NOT infringe on my freedoms I might vote for him/her (no xers yet). Yet there isn’t one.

          3. I hear you – we are in a pickle where we have more people crossing the border illegally than ever before and we are stuck with two groups of idiots who refuse to work together to address any solutions with immigration policy.

            I’m tired of both Rs and Ds arguments – i just want both sides to give a little so we can get some new policy since what we have doesn’t work.

            I don’t need a perfect, but i do want better and you can inspect and adapt in a few years or so.

          4. I’m in complete agreement on the “deadlock” while the US suffers.

            In the interest of expediency I’d favor shooting all apprehended–every frackin’ one– and posting the bodies on the border. Effective communicatiodens has its own magic, like the many examples these invaders have. q.v MS13, death squads, etc.

            Make them aware, in unequivocal terms, that this border is shut or prepare your kids to pay for their sustenance and share their diseases.

            …but in reality not a single Congress critter has the guts to do the ‘adult” things needed. So we will continue to suffer and pay.

          5. I’m sure it’s no shock that i don’t agree with indiscriminate killings of men, women, and children crossing the border. However you’re not the first person I’ve heard call for that.

            Morality aside, it would undoubtedly anger our allies across the world. We would be held to a higher standard because we have held others to a higher standard. That isn’t even addressing the fury from within our own country.

            No, that route would just put the US at more risk than doing nothing.

          6. Our “allies”, including the elitist bureaucrats of the EU, can get stuffed. Let them deal with their own idiot open borders.

            Has a SINGLE “ally” offered help with our border crisis without threat of tariffs or coercion?

            Not to belabor the point, but their opinions are EXACTLY that and worth about as much.

          7. In Machiavellian terms what such actions would mean is this: we mean business and do not F with us. No more bowing, scraping, apologizing, and begging for flexibility. (no thanks to the submissive Obozo)

            Only the vain, weak, and stupid care what others think. q.v. Russia, Communist China, etc. In modern terms it’s called “image management”. In real terms it’s called handling a problem.

            The world is much less sophisticated or civilized than credited. People are people, i.e. barely veiled savages who want to keep what’s their’s and screw everyone else. I’m a perfect example. So are the results of the recent results of the European elections .

            I’d bet if one offered terms between your family and others you’d side with your family.

          8. I would not side with my family if they were murdering people and posting their corpses on a fence – no. I don’t generally consider crossing a border illegally an offense that merrits death.

            The concern for backlash from allies is second to my major issue with it being morally wrong. Your suggestion of posting their corpses on the border wall is grotesque and its completely insane to think someone within the country or outside wouldn’t put a stop to that forcefully. I think even many Republicans would find an issue with that. As they should.

          9. While my family wouldn’t do so, I would. Where did you come up with fences? I’m talking giant popsicles.

            Normally I would not consider such things (maybe), but in terms of expediency and effectiveness you cannot fault the crystal-clear message NOR that detention camps will NOT be needed.

            As far as grotesque and insane, there are many different standards, moral or otherwise. I prefer to think of it from a Green standpoint. Think of the desert fauna nourished. It’s that circle of life thing.

          10. Sorry, i get my crazed murdering immigration plans mixed up. The fences is a detail in my husband’s version. Though he admitted he was mostly joking. Mostly…

            It’s efficient, but comes with its own set of problems.

          11. No solutions are 100% problem free and many are hard. e.g. putting a pet to sleep or burying your child.

            In truth, we ought to start with those convicted of other crimes besides being here illegally. I disagree with your “crazy” contention. It’s a historically proven “psyop”.

            Erecting walls in their minds counts just as much as a physical wall, though I’d also install minefields. (belt AND suspenders) and place random snipers.

            It reduces our costs. (let’s see: pay upkeep for a convict/detainee or pay for the care of veterans/the education of children? Hmm.)
            Border states like TX already practice capital punishment.
            It’s green because it reduces their CO2 footprints to zero.

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