O.J. Simpson Tells Parole Board He’s Led a ‘Conflict-Free Life’

Infamous former NFL star O.J. Simpson went before the Nevada Board of Parole on Thursday where it was decided that he will be released from prison as early as October after serving nine years behind bars.

Simpson — who is best known for being acquitted of charges that he murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman in 1995 — went before the parole board and apologized for his role in the 2007 armed robbery that landed him this spot in prison.

Pleading with parole board members, he claimed that he is a “straight shooter.” Simpson added that he has lived a mostly “conflict-free life,” speaking to the fact that he has had no prior convictions.

Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images

Despite the controversy surrounding his 1995 case and domestic violence claims, he has been described by a friend as a “positive influence” on his fellow inmates, serving as a softball coach and mediator. During his parole hearing, he was called a “model inmate.”

His eldest daughter and robbery victim also testified during the hearing on behalf of his character.

Simpson is set to be released as early as October 1. He told parole board members that he plans to move to Florida upon his release.

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