‘When Did You Think America Was Great?’: Obama AG Eric Holder Claims America Wasn’t Ever Great

Former Attorney General Eric Holder revealed on Thursday that he doesn’t think America was ever great after taking aim at President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Holder, who served under former President Barack Obama, pointed to racial disparities and past treatment of the LGBT community as his main reason he questions American greatness. During an interview on MSNBC, Holder questioned “exactly when” President Trump thought America was great:

“When I hear these things about let’s make America great again, I think to myself, ‘When exactly did you think America was great?’ It certainly wasn’t when people were enslaved. It certainly wasn’t when women didn’t have the right to vote. It certainly wasn’t when the LGBT community was denied the rights to which it was entitled.”

Holder claims Trump’s campaign slogan points to a “notion of greatness” that “never existed.”

Watch his comments below:

“America has done superb things, has done great things, and been a leader in a whole range of things, but we are always a work in process,” said Holder.

Holder isn’t alone in questioning if America was ever great. As IJR reported previously, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-N.Y.) made a similar statement when he claimed that America was “never that great.”

After Cuomo’s comments, President Trump took to Twitter to respond, comparing it to Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment.

While this may be Holder’s first time joining the “America-was-never-great club,” he is no stranger to political controversy. He also landed recently himself in hot water after twisting former First Lady Michelle Obama’s famous quote “When they go low, we go high.”

Instead, Holder said, “When they go low, we kick them,” as IJR previously reported.

As IJR Blue reported, Holder has denied that he will seek to take on President Trump in 2020, despite his harsh words about his campaign slogan. Instead, he has been focusing on redistricting reforms to prevent district gerrymandering.

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According the polls, the most miserable, ungrateful, and whining group are the Millenials. I’m not saying this as an ageist prejudice.

They not only deny their privilege to whine (1st amendment), but somehow feel their lives are “difficult”. q.v. Charlotte Alter’s recent complaint about living with less.


I’m willing to believe that you believe that. Especially when it produced privileged ingrates like you.

Tell us all, Eric, what other nation, you’d choose to have been born in or live in.





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