Remember When President Obama Autographed Pictures of Himself for the Troops?

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After shaking off criticism for not visiting American service members at Christmas time by traveling to meet troops in Iraq unannounced on Christmas night, President Donald Trump then took heat for signing military members’ “Make America Great Again” hats while taking a pit stop at a base in Germany.

Many had issues with the president signing the hats, with some calling it “inappropriate” and “against military policy and regulation” — even though the hats are actually personal belongings, not campaign items, as the troops brought them themselves.

President Trump’s actions in shaking hands and autographing items for the troops is comparable to when former President Barack Obama was in office and took time to sign items for service members, such as photos of himself. At the time, he did not receive widespread backlash.

Check out the photos of Obama below, as noted by some Twitter users:

President Trump’s visit to American service members at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq on Wednesday was his first visit as president to an active combat zone. He then made a pit stop at the Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany on his way back to the States to meet troops stationed there.

After getting flak, the president defended signing service members’ MAGA hats when he wrote on Twitter: “If these brave young people ask me to sign their hat, I will sign.”

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Several lawyers also thought the president didn’t deserve the criticism, as they agreed President Trump did nothing wrong, IJR Red reported.

Even the U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) said in a statement that “there is no rule against Airmen bringing personal items to be signed by the president.”

“Any time the commander in chief offers the opportunity to meet with Airmen, such as this official holiday visit by the President and First Lady, Airmen are welcome to participate,” USAFE continued. “No policy violations have been brought to our attention at this time.”

When it comes down to it, it seems President Trump is going to continue to be criticized whether he goes or doesn’t go visit service members.

What do you think?

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Sharon Alejo

Ok, so am I missing something? Where’s the picture of Obama signing a “vote Obama” hat or something? Maybe I need to clean my glasses but all I see here is Obama signing a GI’s cap.


Does the Hatch act bar these types of things entirely or just require something additional in terms of accounting for certain costs as part of the campaign?

I’m guessing there is a reason for the Hatch act, but if it bars things like this entirely then maybe the law needs a review.

Already it seems a silly law if no one can explain why one is a violation and the other isn’t.

Jeff Beganny

You don’t seem to understand the issue of politicizing the visit with signing campaign items. The campaign items were repeatedly the troops but why and/or how would they have had them if it was a surprise. But put that aside and go to your comparison of trump signing campaign items which is political to Obama signing pictures which are not political.

Timoteo Suazo

You don’t seem to understand that Trump signing items brought to him by active military personnel is not politicization by Trump. It is Trump fulfilling the wishes of military members. Why exactly do you and other liberals have such a problem with Trump granting the wish of military members? Why would they have these items with them? Because they own them. They are their possessions, so when they learned that Trump was coming, they brought them with them to get them signed.


The left forgets things that do not help their cause. Why? Because they are hypocrites.

Sharon Alejo

But where’s the picture of Obama signing a politicized hat? Signing autographs on a soldier’s cap or a piece of paper is different than signing a MAGA hat (why would soldiers in the desert in camouflage have bright red hats int heir tents?)


More muckraking from the TDS crowd.
What I want to know is did Obozo provide those magazines or did the troops have personal copies?
It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if The Lightbringer™ brought them along.

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