Obama Tries to Take Credit for Country’s Economic Successes: ‘We Worked Hard to Turn This Economy Around’

While speaking at a rally in Ohio to support Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, former President Barack Obama took credit for the many successes that have occurred while President Donald Trump has been in office.

“We worked hard to turn this economy around,” Obama said. “When I was president, and Rich was there, and the actions that we took during the economic crisis returned the economy to healthy growth, initiated the longest streak of job creation on record, which continues to today.”

Watch the video below:

“By the time I left office, wages were rising, and poverty and uninsured rates were falling,” he continued. “So just remember that when you hear these folks bragging about this economic miracle, just remember when it started. Just remember when the ball got rolling.”

Obama’s comments come shortly after Trump posted a video, which features Obama’s doubts that he would be able to bring jobs back to America, on his Twitter account:

The former president’s words also come as the American economy has seen significant improvements since President Trump took office, including record-low unemployment and surging jobs numbers.

Obama is spending the midterm election season by campaigning for Democrats in order to take back Congress from Republican control.

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