Former Obama Admin Officials Call Out Trump for Lying About Former President’s Desire to Meet Kim

Barack Obama

President Donald Trump’s relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un developed even further last week when Trump became the first sitting U.S. president to enter the secluded nation, taking about twenty steps into the country.

After the moment, Trump lapsed into one of his favorite boasting refrains — that he did something that former President Barack Obama was unable to do.

Trump declared, “President Obama wanted to meet and Chairman Kim would not meet him. The Obama administration was begging for a meeting, they were begging for meetings constantly and Chairman Kim would not meet with him.”

He added, “And for some reason, we have a certain chemistry or whatever.”

But that doesn’t appear to be accurate and just about every Obama administration official who weighed in on the diplomacy called Trump out for spouting lies.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said Trump’s narrative was not the case at all, telling CNN on Sunday, “In all the deliberations I participated in on North Korea during the Obama administration, I can recall no instance whatever where President Obama ever indicated any interest whatsoever in meeting with Chairman Kim — that’s news to me.”

Ben Rhodes, the former foreign policy adviser to Obama, who was one of the key figures in the administration’s approach to normalizing relations with Cuba, was even more blunt, saying, “Trump is lying. I was there for all 8 years. Obama never sought a meeting with Kim Jong Un.”

Rhodes added later, “Photo ops don’t get rid of nuclear weapons, carefully negotiated agreements do.”

President Trump has touted his close relationship with Kim Jong Un after a rocky beginning in which he nicknamed him “rocket man.” But that has since developed into something close and Trump has even said of his friendship with the dictator, “We fell in love.”

And though the tensions with North Korea seem to have cooled, there’s still evidence that they tested missiles as recently as April of 2019.


  1. Oh wait and we are to believe the liars like Clapper. I can believe Ben Rhodes maybe and if he says they never attempted to make contact with Kim, well, who am I to argue with his comment. But Clapper. Come on people. He isn’t even a good liar. Same with Brennan. And then U have the Chief Liar and Jokester Obammy. If Trump is stretching the truth, then I say, U just got more proof of Obammy’s failed foreign policy’s. I actually think he was scared shitless to attempt to communicate with Kim, just as he was with China and brought him to lying to Putin. He was pathetic and U want to complain about Trump lying. Bwahahahahahahaha ?????

  2. King Donald The Loser is confused by his hatred of our first black President.

    1. General, you have observed Trumpism long enough to realize a break from reality is essential to join the cult. Mexico is really paying for the wall. China is paying the U.S. import tariffs. Obama had started a twitter insult contest with Kim and Trump stopped it. Trump has been in office for 29 months but is responsible for the 104 continuous months of private sector job growth. Allies are out enemies and enemies are out friends. The sky is green and the grass is blue.

      1. Yes, that goes for the King doubly as well. He is unreal, but he still is only a symptom of what has been building on the right at least since Ronald Reagan. Reality seems to be so fleeting today. It can make life so confusing for such a large portion of our population.

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