Obama Releases Images for His Presidential Library, And You Just Have to See Them for Yourself

Every president builds a library after leaving office as a place to house their legacy and contributions to the country.

Former President Barack Obama just unveiled his forthcoming library via the Obama Foundation’s Twitter page. We learn in a video that Obama had early dreams of becoming an architect, and was very hands-on in the process.

Obama has high hopes that his library will continue his legacy and become an integral part of the Chicago landscape:

“Michelle and I want this center to be more than just a building. We want to create an economic engine for the South Side of Chicago.”

The public isn’t so thrilled about the design:

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R) calls the project’s $1.7 billion dollar price tag, “out of balance.”

There is even pushback from University of Chicago faculty and staff, who have started a petition to have the library moved to another location. The concerned faculty and staff members released a letter where they said the center would not be a “bold vision for urban living,” but rather,“an object-lesson in the mistakes of the past.”

The design is expected to be finalized by the spring of 2018, and construction completed by 2021.

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