Obama Remembers His Friend Elijah Cummings: ‘There’s Nothing Weak About Being Honorable’

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The iconic late Congressman Elijah Cummings was honored in a funeral on Friday that included eulogies by former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Cummings represented his Baltimore district in the House from 1996 until his death last week.

In his remarks, Obama said, “I was thinking about my daughters … and I was thinking that I’d want my daughters to know how much I love them but I’d also want them to know that being a strong man includes being kind.”

He continued, “There’s nothing weak about kindness and compassion. There’s nothing weak about looking out for others. There’s nothing weak about being honorable, you’re not a sucker to have integrity and to treat others with respect.”

Obama noted that members of Congress are referred to as “honorable” and said “but Elijah Cummings was honorable before he was elected to office. There’s a difference.”

Check out Obama’s remarks below:

Cummings was a civil-rights warrior and a massive figure in Congress with friends across the aisle. Republican leader Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) counted Cummings as a close friend and choked up when speaking about the late lawmaker.

Of course, President Donald Trump regularly disparaged Cummings and was furious about the congressman’s role on the House Oversight Committee. When Cummings Baltimore home was robbed, Trump tweeted sarcastically, “Really bad news! The Baltimore house of Elijah Cummings was robbed. Too bad!”

In another tweet, Trump accused Cummings of stealing funds that went to his Baltimore district. In another tweet, he wrote that Cummings has done nothing “for his very poor, very dangerous and very badly run district!”

Trump doesn’t have a great track record for respecting the recently deceased. He’s frequently bashed the late John McCain and even complained that nobody thanked him for McCain’s funeral.

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ST, your logic symbolism is lost here on the IJR Blue side. Unless your symbolism includes FREE COLLEGE, DEBT RELIEF FOR THOSE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF “BY THE MAN”, UNIVERSAL INCOME etc., forget it. Let’s overlook the fact that Cummings wife embezzled from a charity that she established in his district to enrich themselves on the backs of well meaning residents of Baltimore. Cummings was a great man because he was a master of playing the race card at the expense of his constituents…like so many other black Democrat politicians…John Conyers, Mayor Coleman Young, John Lewis…who knew playing the race card… Read more »


Following the syntactics of logic….it is possible to be weak AND dishonorable. Anyone drawing red lines connecting Obozo’s empty words with his spinelessness, err, inaction?

honorable =/= weak.
weak =/= honorable.
i.e. x not y, y not x.
(sorry, IJR won’t allow me to use the correct logic symbolism)





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