Obama’s Sanctions Against Putin’s Friends Are So Ineffective That One Official Is Mocking Them On Twitter

Here’s a good gauge of how good your foreign policy is faring – if the object of your sanctions is scoffing and chiding them on Twitter, you’re probably not doing a very good job. In an attempt to pressure Russia out of Crimea, Obama announced sanctions against Russian officials and associates of Vladimir Putin 2 weeks ago.

Matt Lee is AP’s foreign policy journalist:

The Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin previously taunted the sanctions against him, but he elaborated with even more scorn Thursday morning:

Obama believes that mere words and speeches are enough to engage foreign threats. Obama was mocked on Iranian Television over his “red line” proclamations, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton correctly predicted the sanctions wouldn’t stop Putin in the least, and Charles Krauthammer called them embarrassingly ineffective.

No wonder they’re spinning madly to try to make Obamacare appear a success – anything to distract from the abject failure of Obama’s foreign policy engagement.

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