Amazon’s New Headquarters Will Be Located Near Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s District ― She’s Not Happy

Local governments have been vying for Amazon to pick their cities for its new headquarters because of all the jobs and opportunities the company could bring, but apparently, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t care less about the jobs brought to her district.

In fact, she’s outraged.

Amazon announced that they would be placing their second headquarters, HQ2, in two different areas: Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington County and New York’s Long Island City.

Long Island City is in the Queens borough of New York City, near Ocasio-Cortez’s future district.

Amazon claimed that this new headquarters could bring up to 25,000 jobs, as well as a $2.5 billion campus house employees in each city.

Most people would be happy to see this investment coming to their community. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called it “the single biggest economic development deal in the history of New York City.”

Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t as happy. She expressed her “outrage” at Amazon for picking Queens for its new headquarters.

Ocasio-Cortez’s first complaint was that Amazon likely received a massive tax break and other incentives from New York for choosing their state, though those exact figures haven’t been made public.

The congresswoman-elect also worried that this could gentrify her neighborhood, bringing in more luxury housing and raising the property value, displacing those who could not afford to live there with the rise in rent prices.

Ocasio-Cortez claims she wasn’t trying to single out Amazon, but she has a distrust of all corporations and the effects they have on the city.

Although it is easy to follow Ocasio-Cortez’s concerns that this new investment from Amazon could change her neighborhood, she arguably failed to see any benefits that could come with the new headquarters.

Not only will the neighborhood have the investment from Amazon, but the new headquarters will also likely draw other investment to the area just because of the influx of high-earning people in the area, including new restaurants and stores.

Beyond that, many of the problems she highlighted are not problems that Amazon is responsible for fixing, and Ocasio-Cortez didn’t exactly highlight a solution, either.

Many people were quick to point this out to the future congresswoman.

Although Ocasio-Cortez knows a thing or two about not being able to afford rent, she may be out of her depths as far as economic development goes.


  1. Poor Opportunist-Commie. How can she take other peoples’ money when there isn’t any? Jobs, rising real-estate values, and the actual benefits of “gentrification” (businesses, schools, clean streets, etc.) elude her.

    Good thing she’s got those degrees from BU AND this is not happening in her district so she won’t have deal with this thing called “a working economy”.

  2. I think Acosta has overstayed his visits to the White House He could easily be replaced and should be. He is rude, obnoxious, and very disrespectable to all who work there. That is Trump’s House and we the people are invited in and are guests. Do you all remember when Obama had the heckler???. Obama also told that man it was his (Obama’s) house and to stop, when the man continued, Obama had him removed.!!!! Rightly so.!!! Acosta is just an annoying fly that needs to be slapped away.

  3. Please Amazon , go somewhere else and blame it on this Bimbo … her constituents deserve everything bad that comes their way for electing her … Indianapolis should be your choice . We know a good deal when we see one .

    1. I agree. Amazon should realize that local cost of living is a HUGE factor. bonus for them: those REALLY wanting employment will move, especially to less expensive areas.

      not saying politics are a factor: but the coastal powers tend to be dismissive of “flyover” country. Google and Amazon have facilities in OR, but it’s not just the affordability.

  4. Her constituents are the ones who should be unhappy. This has neighborhood success written all over it.

    1. Except it’s happening “next door”. I wonder how her constituents will take this, though losers will whine no matter what opportunity offered them.

  5. I’m baffled where all this anti-business attitude comes from. On one hand, Ocasio-Cortez claims America is “so rich” that we can afford all of these socialist programs but then condemns the very thing (capitalism) that made America rich. How can one wish to destroy AND exploit business? Yeah, her plan is going to work out real well for everyone. SMH

    1. Too cut it short, she’s stupid and the spoiled product of an upper-middle class household and schooling.

  6. Hey amazon Albuquerque , New Mexico would love to have HQ2

  7. Maybe she could work there so she has some money to move and live in Washington, until she starts receiving that governments paycheck!! ??

  8. Well of course Democrats dislike corporations coming into their district; empowering people by providing living wages, access to private healthcare, the ability to buy and own property, and freedom from the yoke of poverty. The yoke of poverty is the legitimizing force of the Democratic party, without it the party becomes irrelevant.

  9. It is amazing how myopic and ill-informed Ocasio-Cortez is by her comments, they clearly demonstrate her lack of education in economics. She is in over her head and I question if she ever attended college let along receive a degree in Economics. Someone should look into her alleged college attendance. This another example of the
    unformed be duped into voting for the unqualified loud mouth making promises that cannot be kept.

    1. Wrong. Alexandria has a bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations.

  10. This woman lacks the qualifications and experience to run a curbside lemonade stand, how the people of NYC thought she was the best choice to represent them is inconceivable !

  11. I have an idea: Amazon should build in the Detroit, Michigan area. I know the congresspersons in that area would welcome Amazon and gladly offer tax incentives. That way the socialist congresswoman from NY would be relieved of her concerns for her district! What these socialists don’t realize about tax incentives is that if nothing is built there, there would be NO TAX! So what are they giving up? The new employees will be paying income and property taxes to the localities.

  12. Hey Amazon, it is not too late to consider Indianapolis, a city that would be VERY appreciative of the job and economic growth you offer.

  13. Yes. This woman with the brain of a Salamander, see’s this as a ‘threat’ to her constituents. They won’t need her ‘freebies’ once people work & make 4x or more than her crumbs she offers.

  14. She is right to be worried, though. Amazon wouldn’t pick an area that won’t bow to giving lots and lots of expensive concessions. No way.

    Gentrification is a worrying and widespread condition changing cities for the worse. She promised to fight against that during her campaign. Now she will learn (on the job) what it takes to represent everyone in her district.

  15. She should be more worried about NO jobs looking at her district! Her plan for power is showing it’s Millennial roots already. Is it not better to have “some” than “none at all?” I guess it’s better to collect Welfare than to attempt a living in her district?? Good luck, you get what you voted for!

  16. As the demographics of her district changes, she will end up losing votes. Her outrage is all about staying in power.

  17. She should move in with Pelosi, and the two socialists can cry on each other’s shoulders.

    1. Pelosi is anything but a socialist. She is just another corrupt politician who raises a huge amount of money from corporate donors.

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