Ocasio-Cortez Addresses Growing Feud Between Her and Pelosi, Says She’s Tired of Being ‘Dismissed’

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters; Alex Wong/Getty Images

The feud between freshman firebrand Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and the leader of her party in the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) continues on, with the self-described democratic socialist addressing the speaker’s recent comments about her and her fellow freshmen.

In a tweet published Monday afternoon, Ocasio-Cortez continued her feud with Pelosi, blasting the House Speaker for her previous comments where she shrugged off the Green New Deal as well as her recent comments regarding Ocasio-Cortez and fellow freshmen Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), and Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) in an interview with the New York Times on Saturday.

She tweeted that she and her colleagues’ self-respect meant that they “won’t let everyday people be dismissed.”

“’A glass of water could’ve [beat a 20-yr incumbt],’ ‘The Green Dream or whatever,’ ‘Their public whatever,'” wrote Ocasio-Cortez. “Those aren’t quotes from me; they‘re from the Speaker. Having respect for ourselves doesn’t mean we lack respect for her. It means we won’t let everyday people be dismissed.”

Ocasio-Cortez misquoted Pelosi in her tweet, with the speaker actually saying that a “glass of water would win with a ‘D’ next to its name” could a solidly-Democratic district — such as the freshman Democrat’s district in New York.

Pelosi had told the Times that Ocasio-Cortez and her squad were “four people” who had their popularityTwitter world, but were only entitled to the four “votes they got” in the House.

“All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world,” the House Speaker told the Times. “But they didn’t have any following. They’re four people and that’s how many votes they got.”

Ocasio-Cortez returned fire the same day that the article was published, saying that their “public ‘whatever’ is called public sentiment.”

However; this latest spat is the latest in a saga that started before Ocasio-Cortez even took her oath of office.

As IJR Red previously reported, the self-described democratic socialist took jabs against Pelosi day-zero when she joined a sit-in protest in then-Minority Leader Pelosi’s office mere days after winning her seat over former Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.).

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General Confusion

Jeffrey, wearing Mao’s red star hat, is confused about corruption. The progressives are not “too far left for the leftist Demoncratic party”. The problem is that the Republicans have moved so far to the right that they are nearly off the charts and the corrupt Democrats have also mistakenly moved to the right, to keep pace, but mainly to keep their donors happy. The same donors who corrupt Republicans, BTW. That’s why the moderate D’s are not really representing their constituents anymore. They are Republican-lites. Nowadays, it is only the progressives who represent the majority of Americans on all of… Read more »

General Confusion

”Is there a reason you are on a clearly Republican page? Commie!” Tommy Powers Wow, is Tommy ever confused! First of all IJR is clearly not a “Republican page”. Does the Republican party own IJR? That is laughable. While this site obviously has an unbalanced number of toxic, partisan Republicans here, you aren’t the only ones who are members. Remember, IJR is set up to accommodate others (Red/Blue sections) in dialog, including libertarians and liberals. I haven’t seen any “commies” here yet, but there may be a few who stay quiet in the background. Just calling me a “commie” doesn’t… Read more »

Wayne Gadow

AOC (All Out Crazy) versus Shaky Nancy now starring in Family Feud.

Gary Bunney
Gary Bunney

She’s an airhead, but she knows how to play the media.

General Confusion

People under 30 years of age have grown to their highest number ever – 51% worldwide. Around the world, parliamenarians under 30 make up only 1.9 percent of that group, so tbey are under-represented in government. OF COURSE our young Congresswomen and men make a difference when they meet the old guard! You can deny it all you like, but conservatives can’t stop talking about these reps, for one reason or another. Most of the time they try to diminish them because, deep down, you fear their ideas. They are promoting such good policies for which you have no counter… Read more »


>Screwtape<. SOME replies work here on IJR but only IF there are no more than one. I've sent a complaint to IJR via email; but have serious doubts I'll even be extended the courtesy of a reply. Hasn't happened yet on other problems I've found here and nothing has been done. Guess the mice they hired to run the site escaped.


Prettry interesting that “The Four
Stooges ” are even too far left for the leftist Demoncratic party! Pretty laughable that they want no part of those FOUR CLOWNS, even though two of them are MUSLIMS! THERE IS A GOD! ?? I bet Allah’s pissed! ??


James, (because IJR replies do not work) AOC has done less than nothing for her district. Consider her driving Amazon, t’s jobs, and tax revenue away. She only talks about illegals, free shit for them, and giveaways to losers WE pay for. I’m so thankful that my income is not taxed for SS, because I’ll never see a cent of it. Thanks rich white guy and wannabe Fascist FDR for your unsustainable pyramid scheme. I cannot recall her either representing nor campaigning for a single one of her constituents. Neither do they. Her polling/recognition is rightfully low and I hope… Read more »





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