Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Thinks She Can Raise Trillions By Making Rich Pay Their ‘Fair Share’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is speaking like a modern-day Robin Hood, only this time she is robbing the rich to feed ideals like renewable energy and free healthcare. 

During an interview on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, the host questioned Ocasio-Cortez about how the government could pay for all of the welfare programs she supports.

Her answer is taxes.


“But one of the things that we saw is, if people pay their fair share, if corporations and the ultra-wealthy … if we reverse the tax bill, but raised our corporate tax rate to 28 percent, which is not even as high as it was before, if we do those two things and also close some of those loopholes, that’s $2 trillion right there,” said Ocasio-Cortez.



Ocasio-Cortez is a Democratic Socialist from New York who is running to be the Representative of New York’s 14th congressional district. She has been outspoken about her support for single-payer healthcare, free college tuition and sole use of renewable energy.

She believes that the solution to fund welfare programs lies in restructuring the nation’s priorities.

“And so a lot of what we need to do reprioritize what we want accomplish as a nation,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “And really what this is about is saying health care is important enough for us to put first. Education is important enough for us to put first. And that is a decision that requires political and moral courage from both parts of the aisle, period.”


However, the politician failed to explain what would happen if the estimates were wrong and how raising taxes for just a small percentage of Americans would not tip the scale unevenly and how it would be enough to pay for trillions of dollars worth of programs.

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