Ocasio-Cortez Unveiled the Details for the Green New Deal and People Can’t Stop Laughing

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) unveiled her long-awaited Green New Deal environmental proposal and some of the details left people scratching their heads.

Ocasio-Cortez prepared the resolution as a series of goals for the U.S. Congress to strive for in order to combat climate change, however, the program goes far beyond the confines of climate issues.

The freshman congresswoman penned the resolution as an ode to former President Franklin Rosevelt’s New Deal and hopes that the resolution will completely mobilize the American economy to fight climate change as FDR did to fight in WWII.

While the goal may be to fight climate change, the promises in the resolution are far fetched.

The resolution vows that, in the next ten years, Congress will:

  • “Promote justice and equity by stopping current, preventing future, and repairing historic oppression.”
  • Require that the U.S. be powered by 100 percent “clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources.”
  • Guarantee jobs to all Americans that have “family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement.”
  • “Stop the transfer of jobs and pollution overseas.”
  • Obtain the “free, prior, and informed consent of indigenous peoples” prior to implementing any of these changes.

These are a few of the items included in the text of the resolution that will be brought before Congress. The goals, while admirable, are completely far fetched, but they don’t hold a candle to the more-detailed “fact sheet” released by Ocasio-Cortez’s team and published by NPR.

The fact sheet outlines the goals of the Green New Deal, and some of the lines from the document are laughable.

  • “Americans love a challenge. This is our moonshot. When JFK said we’d go to the by the end of the decade, people said impossible.”

  • “We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast, but we think we can ramp up renewable manufacturing and power production, retrofit every building in America, build the smart grid, overhaul transportation and agriculture, plant lots of trees and restore our ecosystem to get to net-zero.”
  • “Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work.”

  • “[T]he question isn’t how will we pay for it, but what will we do with our new shared prosperity?”

Because the fact sheet spent so much time on cow farts and so little time on how it would be paid for, many took to Twitter to mock the proposal.

While the resolution seems laughable on many fronts, several prominent Democrats have signed on as sponsors, including 2020 candidates Senators Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Ocasio-Cortez may have support in the Senate, but even Pelosi has dismissed parts of the Green New Deal, saying that she likes the “enthusiasm” of the resolution, but then mocked it as a “dream.”

“It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive. The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it, right?” Pelosi told reporters.

Please note: This is a commentary piece. The views and opinions expressed within it are those of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the editorial opinion of IJR.


    1. Trump is living proof that implementing ideas is harder than campaigning. Mexico is not paying for the wall. Trade wars are not easy. Obamacare is not repealed or replaced with his still undisclosed plan to cover everyone and cost less. The country is MORE divided, not anywhere near unity—66% believe NOTHING he says and 33% believe EVERYTHING he says. The tax cuts to corporations did not result in Carrier, Pfizer, Merek, GM, Boeing, IBM, HP et al not outsourcing jobs oversees.

    1. She suffers from bovinophobia and is lactose-intolerant?

      Please enlighten us, o wise one, though I wouldn’t give a cow fart for your thoughts.

      1. See? I was right.

        Aside from buring fossil fuels, what are two of the biggest man-made or controlled contributors to greenhouse gases? Cement and our food system. Cows are a huge part of our diet and they produce copious quantities of methane which is much more destructive than CO². When lime is cooked, it releases copious quantities of CO². We can sequester CO² back in cement with a new process. We can eat less meat.

  1. Doesn’t AOC watch DrPol!? If cows don’t Fart they blow up its the way they were designed to work!!! Lmao And this is the “Best” they got in the Democratic Party!? Trump will not have to do much to win in 2020 just take a good look at these people would you!? It’s extremely disturbing and funny at the same time!!

    1. What “tells all” is that you and your 2 up votes are not embarrassed that you have not bothered to use the internet to verify the Conservative media stance of what Gore said. If you did, yet continue to repeat the falsehood, would say even more about you & the 2 up votes. You have had just shy of 10 yrs to know if what you repeat is true. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/internet-of-lies/

  2. New idea plant more trees… no one has ever thought of that. If you don’t want to work it’s called welfare, another new idea. Stop sending jobs overseas, sounds like our current president????????????

    1. Our current president is on the record in support of “RAKING” to defeat the effects of climate change—not planting trees.

  3. She isn’t mature enough to be a member of Congress I can tell her how to prevent cows from passing gas she can put her head up it’s rear end makes as much sense as she makes

    1. AOC is 1 member of a 434 legislative body. I can live with her naivete and exuberance without needing to agree with or disagree with the ENTIRE contents of her mission statement. What I have an issue with is the emotional immaturity of a POTUS that repeatedly ignores the guardrails in place for the executive overreach. I think even you will agree that Mexico paying for the wall is as equally as inane as a 10 year goal to convert all power to green sources.

      1. WHY do you have Mexico paying for the wall in almost EVERY ONE of your comments? THAT horse is DEAD, philly.

  4. I’d laugh but this is just sad. She and others like her cannot distinguish wishing/fantasy from reality. e.g. I think I’m black, so I’ll run BLM. I think I’m a 6-year old girl and not a 50+ man.

    Doesn’t her list sound a lot like something a child would make up before Christmas?

  5. If just 10% of the cars in the US were electric, our whole grid would collapse. Can you imagine trying to charge your car to go to work with NO electricity? Blackouts and brownouts would be the norm.

    1. Bob, like Phoenix I’d also like to know where you got your figure. The grid MAY collapse, but not due to overload of e-cars.

      FYI, as of 2016, e-cars made up 0.22% of the cars on the road, and concentrated in warmer states. (per nanalyze and Wiki) One doesn’t need an EE to realize that battery performance degrades in cold climates, so there’s that.

      1. Despite tax incentives, choice parking spots, and free charging stations they still don’t sell except as symbols of status or virtue signaling. q.v. maps of sales vs. household income.

          1. Contact the board of directors and CEOs for those companies. You’re operating from the assumption that Detroit is always right. History says this is not true.

          2. Explain the low sales of EVs Phil, then I might share my thoughts. You’re posts are mostly follow-ups. Let’s see how you do presenting your own thoughts.

      1. The list of you have been duped by is a whole lot longer than your claim about Bob, even though you found an acorn this time.

  6. I think she may have just sniffed one too many cow farts and wants to get rid of the evidence

  7. Alrighty. I am unwilling to work…. send me a check. Wait! I am 68 and already get a check. $1300 a month from social security. I can’t live on that! We can’t support our seniors adequately but somehow we will be able to give a living wage to everyone who is unwilling to work? This child woman has no grasp of reality.

    1. The next thing she will want to do is eliminate the elderly just like they do babies

  8. this woman is completely out of touch with reality. I think that she really does not know the consequences of what she is proposing.

  9. “The goals, while admirable, are completely far fetched” Madison Dibble

    Really? In what way?

    Where is the Republican plan to deal with the same issues?

    1. “Guarantee jobs to all Americans that have “family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement.” How is that NOT far fetched? HOW is it gonna be paid for? WHY would the Republicans WASTE TIME trying to deal with this “issue” of yours that, in reality, is NOT an issue at all, just a pie in the sky dream?

      1. If corrupt govt & lobbyists hadn’t been denying these basics that other countries have had for decades, they wouldn’t have to be fought for today.

        We have a very large problem with huge chunks of the population not being able to keep up with living costs so the living wage which allows paying for rent or food or health care or paying for commuting costs to make a wage is an important part of turning this hardship around.

        We either solve with it now or we deal with the continuing costs.

    2. Just WHERE is aoc’s PLAN to deal with these issues? I do not see ANY plan here, just unrealistic goals.

    3. I’d love to run for office on a platform of ONE MILLION dollars in EVERY voters pocket. That’s an unrealistic goal, rock, not a plan. Madison’s comment is 100% accurate.

    4. To dream the impossible dream….

      Ms. Dibble was being kind. If AOC is really, really good, maybe Santa will bring her these things. Most of them aren’t real issues, just SJW wishes.

      If the Republicans had interest in dealing with these things, they’d be Democrats.

      We already know AOC’s plan: take away everyone’s money. It still won’t be enough.

    5. LOL, suggesting Republicans present a plan to deal with the same issues, got you 11 down votes. IJR readers apparently do not want Republicans to present a plan that does not involve corporations permitted to dump toxic chemicals in their drinking water or reduce the effects of global warming.

  10. The prog/lib/socialist SUPERSTAR has spoken. What you SEE is what you will GET! ENTHUSIASM now pays the bills instead of rational thinking. Bet she has a pair of Ruby Red Slippers in her closet just in case she wants to go home.

    1. Do you still have Ruby Red slippers from your days of believing Mexico will pay for the wall? That NK was going to denuclearize after a photo op? That Trump was going to win a Nobel Peace prize? That the corporate tax cuts would trickle down? That no one from the Trump campaign met with any Russians?

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