Ocasio-Cortez Sounds the Alarm on Climate Change: ‘People are Going to Die’ Unless Action Is Taken

Rick Loomis/Getty Images

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) joined a long list of climate alarmists on Friday when she tweeted that people would “die” without action on climate change.

“It’s not enough to think it’s ‘important.’ We must make it urgent,” she tweeted.

She also reiterated her interest in a “Green New Deal” and indicated that certain elected officials received money from oil companies, thereby disqualifying them from writing climate change policy.

Ocasio-Cortez’s comments got a wave of backlash from many on Twitter:

Some people, however, seemed to support her:

Her tweet came as the government released a report warning of health and economic consequences from climate change.

“With continued growth in emissions at historic rates, annual losses in some economic sectors are projected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars by the end of the century – more than the current gross domestic product (GDP) of many U.S. states,” the report said.

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George Patterson

Look at the Hockey Stick Chart…
Notice the Error in the Time Line Dates, 2000, 2500, 2100
If they can’t get the dates right, what makes you think any of the other DATA is correct.
In fact it was just shown that the report was based on had Math errors off by factors of 10..

This report is all based on the erroneous data..


Yipes! We’re all going to die! Yes. We are.

George Patterson

I think She is a Jack Ass and Has No Clue of what she is talking about !
Alarmism is not a solution to a problem that does not exist !

Jeff Wilhoite

MAN-BEAR-PIG IS Real!! Climate change is the new religion. Beware false prophets for they seek not in your interests.

Daniel Artz

Many more people are going to die unless voters stop electing brain dead morons like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to positions of political power.

Phyllis Softa

Not much of a fan of AOC, but unlike most of the tweeters, she apparently READ the TRUMP Administration’s 1,656 page report released last night. Does not leave any room for “alternative facts.” Turns out the rollback of Obama administration regs is not looking so smart. If your attention span limits your ability to read all 1,656 pages, at least read the summary. If you only care about the area where you live, they break it down in the report by area and the current & future effects





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