Occupy Wall Street is Coming Out of the Woodwork for a Very Predictable Reason

Occupy Wall Street, the progressive movement that arose back in 2011 in protest of America’s biggest banks and financial institutions, is reuniting with a new mission in mind: Getting New Yorkers out to the polls in support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on April 19th.

According to CNN, OWS activists will split their time helping to canvass the Big Apple on behalf of the Vermont Senator and marching in a large rally in lower Manhattan on Saturday.

The march is currently being billed as the main event headed into the primary, with as many as 15,000 people expected to participate. It will also bring back vivid memories of the 2011 protests for many, as the route designed for the march reportedly passes by many of the sites occupied by demonstrators.

Winnie Wong, a co-founder of People for Bernie and Occupy activist, told CNN that the group decided to reunite because:

“This is the place where the message of income inequality resonated across the country and across the world — it’s where it really began. He’s bringing it back home.”

It’s not much of a surprise that the OWS movement would choose Sanders, a self-professed socialist, as its new political leader. Sanders has staked a large part of his presidential campaign on the fight against corporate greed — particularly within the ranks of Wall Street — and making things better for the 99%.

Charles Lechner, another co-founder of People for Bernie, added:

“Occupy was a reaction to the financial collapse, to what happened because of Wall Street’s power to destroy the economy, and Bernie’s campaign is the one that has been consistently focused on the role of the ‘1 Percent,’ large corporations and financial institutions. It’s a very natural connection.”

Even though the OWS activists are enthusiastic, they appear to have their work cut out for them. Sanders currently trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by an average of 13.3% in her home state, according to Real Clear Politics.

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