Officer Killed in Detroit Last Week Gets Honored In the Most Fitting Way Possible

Wayne State University Police Officer Collin Rose was shot and killed last week while investigating vehicle break-ins in Midtown Detroit.

Rose was just 29 years young, leaving behind his fiancée, family, countless friends and fellow officers who held him dear.

As the Detroit Free Press reports, the canine officer had two police dogs, Clyde and Wolverine, who worked alongside him and the security team at Ford Field.

Wolverine was named after fallen Detroit Police Officer Patrick Hill, who bore the same nickname for being a University of Michigan alumnus. Hill was shot in April 2013 while attempting to arrest a homicide suspect — he died from his injuries six months later.

In a fitting final salute to Rose, hundreds of police officers and their dogs lined the street leading up to Ford Field Wednesday for his public viewing.

Rose’s supervisor, Wayne State Lt. Patrick Saunders, told the Free Press the gesture was extremely moving:

“It was a really amazing showing (of) the tightness of that canine police group…something to really comfort the family, and we just greatly appreciate it.

I don’t think any police officer wants to go to a funeral, but I think it makes us proud to understand what the love is in this profession. It doesn’t matter if I’ve ever met you before. If you’re a police officer, and I’m a police officer, there’s a bond.”

Wayne State chaplain Pastor W.J. Rideout described Rose in an interview with Fox 2 News as an “animal lover” with a “great fiancée.”

WSU Police Chief Anthony Holt said he was one of the best canine officers not just in the state, but possibly the entire country.

According to Deadline Detroit, Rose’s family is asking that any memorial donations be made to the following police and animal assistance charities:

Chief Holt recalled the time when he interviewed Rose for the job with WSUPD, something he seemed extremely enthusiastic about it, saying how he “always wanted to be a police officer.”

And like many others have said before, Rose had an incredible work ethic, a passion for helping others and a heart of gold — raising the bar at WSU and beyond:

“When I interview people from now on, the model is going to be Collin Rose,” Holt said.

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