Ohio Sheriff Goes Above and Beyond by Offering Free Concealed Carry Classes to Teachers

With people advocating for either teachers or school staff to be allowed to have firearms during school hours, some state legislators are preparing to introduce bills that will make it lawful to do so. One sheriff in Ohio is getting ahead of the curve and is offering free concealed carry classes to educators.

In addition to concealed carry classes, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is also going to offer training on school shootings:

In a short amount of time, the office reached its limit with over 300 requests:

“These are teachers,” Jones told “Fox & Friends.” “And when people say teachers don’t want to be armed in school, that’s not true. […] We’re going to do it for free, we’re going to teach the teachers, we’re going to give them a concealed carry permit when they’re done.”

In the state of Ohio, concealed carry permit holders are able to carry their firearms inside if the school board allows it.

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