OJ Simpson Whispered 3 Unfeeling Words to Attorney After ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict for Double Homicide

It’s been over 20 years since O.J. Simpson was pronounced not guilty for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Smith and waiter Ronald Lyle Goldman.

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However, new information has just been released thanks to one of O.J.’s head attorneys, Robert Shapiro, who spoke with Megyn Kelly on Tuesday night.

In Shapiro’s first interview about the case practically since the trial was adjourned, Shapiro not only revealed what O.J whispered to him directly after the verdict, but whether or not he thinks his former client is guilty.

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Directly after being acquitted of double homicide, rather than show emotion, or express gratitude, O.J gave a response that seemed almost calculated:

“You told me this would be the result from the beginning. You were right.”

Below is a recording of O.J receiving his not guilty verdict, which is when he leans over to Shapiro and whispers in his ear (1:45 marker): 

Directly after O.J whispers in Shapiro’s ear, Shapiro looks into the camera, as if he’s just taken aback by what he heard:

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According to Shapiro, the reason he believed O.J. could get off scot-free was due to the famous ‘if it doesn’t fit’ glove scenario.

Shapiro actually tried on the glove himself, in order to see if it would fit his client’s hand before O.J. attempted to do so in court.

While speaking with Kelly, Shapiro explained his reasoning for this:

“I tried the glove on. It was a little bit wide in my palm and a little bit long in my fingers. O.J. Simpson has enormous hands, and I knew that the glove would not fit him. No question about it. Wouldn’t even be close.”

That’s why Shapiro directed O.J. to try and put on the glove as close to the jurors as possible, while holding it up like the ‘Olympic Torch’ and tug on it:

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Shapiro then touched on his theory as to who killed Brown Smith and Goldman.

Shapiro believes there is a strong possibility that at least two people were involved, although he did not elaborate on this further.

Kelly then asked Shapiro is he believed the verdict in the case was fair…

He gave a head turning response:

“There’s two types of justice that we deal with, in America: there’s moral justice and there’s legal justice.”

“If you look at it from a moral point of view, a lot of people would say he absolutely did it. I deal in legal justice, as you did as a lawyer, and that’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

“And there’s no question in my mind that any fair juror who saw that case from the beginning to the end would conclude there was reasonable doubt.”

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Based on this response, Kelly asked Shapiro whether or not defending O.J. has left him sleepless.

Shapiro stated:

“Our system of justice is based on the theory that we hope and pray that innocent people are never convicted.

“And the price we pay is that guilty people sometimes do and will go free.”

When O.J was convicted in 2008 for a string of felonies including kidnapping and robbery, the former football star never contacted Shapiro…

Likely because he still owed him money from the the first case.

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