Old Photos From Obama’s Inauguration Show Just How Ridiculous Nike’s Shoe Ban Really Is

It seems that those criticizing Nike for attempting to have a Betsy Ross flag on a pair of their shoes in celebration of Fourth of July forgot about former President Barack Obama using the same flags at his inauguration in 2013.

Nike stirred up controversy when they tried to have the earlier American flag, that displays 13 stars in a circle, on their Air Max 1 USA shoes but reportedly nixed the shoes after former National Football League player Colin Kaepernick called them offensive.

“Attention Nike: The flag Colin Kaepernick told you was unacceptable on your shoes was displayed rather prominently at Barack Obama’s inauguration,” the Washington Examiner’s Bryon York tweeted.

“Someone needs to tell Barack,” a Twitter user wrote, linking to several critics of the Betsy Ross flagged-themed shoes.

Democratic presidential hopefuls, including Obama’s Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas), were happy about Nike’s decision to nix the controversial sneakers. Castro even said, “There are a lot of things in our history that are still very painful” in his response to Nike’s decision.

While O’Rourke said “it’s really important to take into account the impression that this kind of symbol would have for many of our fellow Americans,” it’s unclear if the two Democrats and other critics knew Obama had those flags hanging at his inauguration.

The president’s son Donald Trump Jr. also questioned the controversy over Ross’s flag.

“Weird that no one had a problem with The Betsy Ross Flag when it flew over Obama’s inauguration. Now it’s not patriotic… ok got it,” he tweeted.

“That Betsy Ross flag sure fell out of fashion quickly,” Daily Mail’s David Martosko tweeted.

Check out the reactions below:


As IJR Red reported, Nike’s decision also drew responses from Republican lawmakers. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) joked that he’d “make the first order” of the sneakers if Nike or another shoe company decide to sell them with the Betsy Ross flag embroidered.

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  1. Maybe Dyson (who sucks), Castro (?), O’Dourke and Kaeperdick need to take a chill pill or go to a country they like. This is America and we like our flag. We don’t hold with traitors, dissidents, Communists or Socialists. There are plenty of those s**tholes to go to.

  2. The flag is a part of the history of our nation and symbolizes the freedoms and progression of our nation as a whole. If people can’t deal with it there are always other countries to take up residence in.

  3. So Obama can but if anyone else does it it’s racist uh hah yeah right, you asses are sickening using the racist play to control others

  4. How inconvenient is the truth. It is hard to keep up with the ever changing tides of change sometimes.

  5. Just bought New Balance with a US Flag on it. Made in the USA. No more Nike products for me.

  6. Why on God’s green earth is anyone paying any attention to this self agrandizing, overhyped moron any attention, much less a multinational company the size of Nike? His opinions are only shared by the six clueless twits that make up his fan club.

  7. What ever Clapperdick says has no bearing on normal Americans. He’s just a washed up punk braying for socialism. As soon as no attention is payed to the maggot he will fade to the nothing he is.

  8. The entire complaint has nothing to do with RACISM or the SLAVERY that was abolished over 150+ years ago.

    The flag has NEVER stood for slavery or racism. It had 13 stars and 13 stripes to represent the original states and colonies that became those states. The number of Stars were expanded with the addition of each new state.

    The Flag having nothing to do with slavery or racism remained unchanged throughout the passage of laws restricting slavery or the constitutional amendment passed after the civil war that abolished it completely because NOTHING it represented was changed.

    All the complaints about the US FLAG is about is the SOCIALIST/FASCIST/ANTI AMERICANS trying to SUPPRESS free speech and other CONSTITUTIONAL rights that the US flag represents are OFFENDED by seeing the flag displayed representing the FREEDOMS they want to ABOLISH.

    They insist that EVERYTHING that has to do with the RIGHTS of ALL the CITIZENS of this nation
    (regardless of their race) is somehow racist that despite the FREEDOMS spelled out in our CONSTITUTION and the fact the flag REPRESENTS this nation and those freedoms that it has to be BANNED because it OFFENDS those who want STATE CONTROLLED speech, religion, etc. instead of the FREEDOMS the flag represents to those who KNOW REAL HISTORY instead of the REVISED history being spouted by ANTI FREEDOM activists in many “public schools” today.

    Basically anything that depicts the REALITY of history or how life actually was in the colonial/early US times they are OFFENDED by because it does not CENSOR reality or depict the REVISED beliefs that contradict historical facts.

    Unfortunately we continue to see judges who act as if the BILL OF RIGHTS can be SUPPRESSED because it somehow violates a NON EXISTENT right to “NOT BE OFFENDED” even if that offense is simply a statement of actual fact when it contradict some Politically Correct nonsense.

    For example the ANTI GUN POLITICIANS who show themselves so ignorant on the entire issue by making statements like “ban the number of CLIPS in a gun” or “the MAGAZINES will run empty and be tossed away” who now want it to be a CRIME to poke fun at them over their delusional even laughable (to those who know real facts) statements.

    In simple terms they want to RESTRICT or ABOLISH free speech because it gets in the way of their ANTI CONSTITUTION political agenda by allowing actual facts to be presented that contradict nearly everything they say on an issue.

  9. Oops! That was only after Michelle became proud of the US. Just where was Kaepernick and his criticism?

  10. the football loser raised an eyebrow and Nike was shaking. go to China Nike, where their slaves are fired if they have to go to the bathroom.send Newsom there,California doesn’t want him.

    1. Is he still living high on the hog off the blood and sweat of slavery?

  11. BOYCOTT NIKE and any football team that has KAEPERNICK playing for them, if any. Terrible when a company listens to a “has been”.

  12. I thought it was bad during the Obama presidency, but nothing compares to these but crazy socialist democrats who will say anything for the ultimate power

  13. It’s only racist when the left thinks it’s racist. It’s only smart when the left says it’s smart. NOW do you see why we need in smart people who are Republicans and not people who want to give this country away?

  14. Ohh yeah Nike’s moved there company to China where they have slave labors oppression and dictatorship

  15. First Besty Ross was a Quaker Quakers hated slavery and fought against it and won in England one of the reasons they were sent over to America but it wasn’t America yet they also fought it here so the Quakers didn’t own slaves so maybe this idiots should do their history before opening their mouths ohh that is right they only are concerned with only black slaves and themselves well blacks owned slaves also to mention Irish, Scottish, natives, Asians, and some English were used as slaves. Are there things I wish I could go back and change absolutely but that is why it is called history we learned from it and moved forward

    1. We only learn from history if it is not suppressed. Those who suppress history forget that history and inevitably repeat it again in the future. Guess those trying to suppress history think they will be the ones in charge in the future when that happens.

  16. Leave it to a has been athlete and a greedy corporation (who pays slave wages in overseas sweatshops) to dish on and savage poor Betsy who probably never owned any land, or slaves and most likely spent hours slaving in the kitchen, garden and laundry…… Where are the vicious women libbers when a woman is rebuked by two thoughtless male hypocrites ? Oh, forgot….the libbers only defend sister hypocrites…..

  17. Nike listens to a two bit loser, as anti American as the rest of the Democratic party. We don’t need ANY anti American companies in the United States. My family will never buy Nike again.

  18. So in your face Kaepernick! Now what are you and Nike going to do? Tell Barack what you think because so many of us are tired of hearing from all of you.

  19. Comrade B. Obama is proving to be nothing more than a useful idiot used by the Communist conspiracy to promote its ends. Comrades B. Sanders, E. Warren, K. Harris, and the other 21 comrades seeking the nomination are nothing less.

  20. Nike should use the filthy and disgusting LGBT colors with a tube of Vaseline included. That way the buyer could do more than just wear them.

  21. A Democrat can never do a wrong.
    If Trump discovered the cure for cancer, the Democrats would accuse him of holding out only for profit. No matter what Trump does, the Democrats will find faults.
    I’ll never vote for a Democrat.

  22. After all we’ve witnessed about liberal hypocrisy, why is this even a story! The words “liberal” and “hypocrite” have become virtually synonymous.

    1. Because it’s stories like these, that are showing liberals exactly what has happened to their party and, just maybe, it will open their eyes to the lunacy going on and they join the #WALKAWAY movement!! Like so many I know, they were former democratic voters, and have now turned their backs after this late term abortion rights hit the fan!! They have chosen NOT to be a part of a murderous group!! So this new drama is just another winwin for us conservatives!!! Keep up the hypocrisy demos your doing the Republicans a GREAT service.. #KMAG Trump/Pence2020

  23. I hope Madison did not write the heading for her article. Nike does NOT have a “shoe ban” Selling shoes is included in the sales that gave Nike $10.8 billion in profits in the last quarter. $39.1 billion for the fiscal year.

    1. Nike may not have a shoe ban or boycott, but true loyal American citizens have a boycott on Nike.

  24. In your face Kaepernick and Nike. Better let Barack know that he offended you. As the saying goes…. if this wasn’t so sad it would be funny. Now that Nike is taking business advice from Kaepernick, the non football player, they will also begin to see loses. Hello Adidas

  25. Well isn’t that precious? Wonder what Barack has to say about this obvious insult to Kaepernick. Nike’s management is losing its mind. Great way to run success into the ground by bowing to a loser like Kaepernick.

  26. I think we should hit Nike where it hurts by using our wallets. Don’t buy Nike. Oh. Also…Colin’s an arss.

    1. Didn’t you folks call for a ban on Nike after they had Colin in the Nike ad last September? There are so many boycotts going on you appear to forget what you are boycotting. I suggest you make a list. Nike reported $9.8 billion in profits after your last boycott. You appear to be helping, not hurting Nike.

  27. Disgusting marketing ploy by a RACE BAITING company. I’d bet a few dozen pairs of those shoes are being held by execs and will be sold at a premium price.

  28. Michael Eric Dyson has just show that he is nothing more than a liberal scumbag Demorat. He has shown that the Betsy Ross is ok if you are Obuma but not if you are Trump. That also makes him a 100% racist. Disgusting person not worth listening to,

    1. You appear confused. Trump is in real estate, not athletic equipment or sportswear. I have never heard the Trump name associated with the ownership or operation of Nike. The closest he could come is owning some Nike stock or selling Nike products in his pro shops. He does not design shoes for Nike.

  29. In perspective, I am wondering how many times per hour these days you have to wake up to be woke.

  30. Who cares what Nike puts on their shoes; except maybe the race-baiters? It’s THEIR Company to make and sell shoes to those who are ignorant enough to pay the exorbitant prices. End of story. Moving on.

  31. Ironically, Nike is named for the Greek goddess of victory. Guess who captured and held slaves as part of that victory?

    Nike even withdrew a design which supported the Chinese pro-democracy movement because the government told it to do so. That’s completely different from what happened here in the US. Nike voluntarily withdrew a flag-themed, overpriced shoe because an anti-American loser asked them to do so “”cause it symbolizes racism and slavery”.

    This leads to the question of who works for whom? Also, why is Kaepernick considered someone worthy of making endorsements? Apparently the America-hating market is big. q.v. BSNBC, the Clown Noise Network, Hollywood.

  32. Nike is an anti-American company which uses cheap, sweatshop/slave labor in autocratic dictatorships. q.v. China, Vietnam. Just like Apple/Foxconn.

    Unions? Environmental regs? Worker safety? Nah. So buying Nike, Apple, etc. is supporting all these things which they NEVER could get away with in the US.

    1. Ivanka Trump’s line was made in China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Was hers an anti-American company? I am impressed with your sudden reversal on Unions, Environmental regs, and Worker safety. Last week you expressed support for fuels with increase mileage results. Are you turning into a liberal??

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