Omarosa Returns to Reality Television to Try to Rehabilitate Her Image

It is always nice when a TV star lands on her feet after getting written out of a series.

Having been fired from the White House in a scene reportedly as dramatic as any to ever emerge from the editing bay of a reality show, former Donald Trump adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman made a lateral move to the cast of “Celebrity Big Brother” on CBS.

This would not be noteworthy, except for the fact that CBS on Thursday released a clip from a upcoming episode of Manigault Newman trashing her former employer and crying over the experience of working for the Trump administration. It’s personal image rehabilitation on steroids.

Recall that when she worked in the White House, Manigault Newman was an enthusiastic booster of Trump hagiography.

She told PBS’ “Frontline” in a tone that can only be described as “awed” that his winning the presidency was his greatest revenge against anyone who ever doubted or mocked him. For the first months of his presidency, she enjoyed walk-in privileges to the Oval Office, which she reportedly used to gossip with Trump about other staffers or show him articles from right-wing news sources. This helped keep Trump in a state of high dudgeon he took out on other people around him, resulting in the West Wing being engulfed in chaos and low staff morale for months.

So it is a little disingenuous now for her to tell her “Celebrity Big Brother” castmate Ross Mathews that her time in the White House was actually a terror-stricken hellscape where Trump’s tweets “haunted” her and led her to the conclusion that the country should be afraid of its president. Or to claim she tried to be the moderating voice of reason who wanted to talk Trump down, only to be thwarted by all her co-workers.

But this is what our national politics have become. Trump has turned the presidency into a reality show, which he then turns around and allegedly watches on TV for up to eight hours a day. Every employee is a character, every character has an arc, and nobody can tell where the drama ends and reality begins.

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