One Gesture Donald Trump Made Is Getting Him Slammed for ‘Mocking’ the Disabled

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is facing heat for mocking a reporter for his disabilities at a South Carolina campaign stop.

Trump acted out a controversial impression of Serge Kovaleski, a New York Times reporter whose reporting has cast into doubt Trump’s anecdote of Muslim-Americans celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11.

This was how Trump chose to call out Kovaleski’s reporting:

And here is what Kovaleski, left, looks like:

Image Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Kovaleski suffers from a rare musculoskelatal disorder that limits the function of his arms. Prior to the Times, he covered 9/11 at the Washington Post.

Trump’s claims in the video suggest that Kovaleski is now denying reports from his own quotes and statements while at the Post. Kovaleski reported that there were allegedly people in New Jersey celebrating, but it was never confirmed. He has since debunked those reports.

Rather than apologizing, Trump went on the offensive.

After doing this:

[gif_wrapper url= width=’100%’ ar=0.56315789473684 background=×150.gif]

Trump tweeted about this:

And then went on to blast the New York Times itself:

The Trump campaign has yet to respond to demands for apologies from the Times.

UPDATE: Following publication, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign released the following statement via Facebook:

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