Woman Pens Powerful Open Letter to Those Angered by Border Crisis: ‘Do Something’

As the border separation crisis rages on — and pundits on both sides of the aisle blame one another for the unresolved issue — one Facebook user is urging critics to “do something” tangible to make a difference.

In a lengthy open letter Lana Morris posted to Facebook on Tuesday, she told readers that children are separated from criminal and abusive parents every day in the United States. 

“Children are traumatized everyday (sic) in this country because of negligent parenting,” she wrote. “I’m sorry it has taken this most recent tragedy to make you aware of the happenings with children everyday (sic) right here under our noses.”

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Morris described the current situation at the border as “complicated” and claimed that those speaking out online and in phone calls and letters to their lawmakers are, in essence, doing “nothing” to actually address President Donald Trump’s incredibly controversial “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, which has resulted in many children being separated from the adults with whom they illegally entered the country.

Ultimately, Morris didn’t say much about the policy itself, instead urging those angered by the current immigration situation — and the children who have been temporarily orphaned by it — to step in to help. 

The Facebook user encouraged critics to take in a child separated from her or his parents.

“Be a buddy to them at church, send them a new stuffed animal, a toy, clothes, shoes, school supplies, etc.,” she wrote. “Take them to the park. Sponsor them so they can play a sport or send them to camp. Open your home.

“Children see the love; they feel it, and it lessens the trauma,” she continued. “Complaining about situations on Facebook does nothing.”

Read her full post below:

As a result of the administration’s hard-line stance on illegal border crossings, thousands of underage children have been taken from their parents, who are being prosecuted for entering the U.S. illegally. As a result, the kids are being housed in temporary detention centers. 

The White House has faced mounting pressure not only from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle but also from many evangelical Christian leaders who have taken issue with the reality of separating families at the border.

On Wednesday, Fox News reported Trump is currently considering executive action to halt the controversial policy, and according to The Associated Press, he has said he will be “signing something” on immigration because he wants to keep families together. 

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