California GOP Becomes First State Party To Include Group That Has Long Fought For Recognition

| MAR 6, 2015 | 6:47 PM

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Mass Citizenship Ceremony Held In Los Angeles Convention Center

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In a move long awaited by members of the Log Cabin Republicans, the California Republican Party voted to approve the charter for the gay Republican organization, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The first for a state Republican Party, according to a spokesman for the Log Cabin Republicans, the 861-293 vote approved the charter of the organization, which now entitles the Log Cabin Republicans to the benefits offered other chartered clubs.

Charles Moran, a long-time Log Cabin leader and activist Republican, took to his Facebook page to discuss his excitement of the decision in Sacramento.

“Sitting at the airport, about to climb on my plane home. It’s starting to hit me what we achieved this morning in Sacramento – the culmination of a journey started so long ago by my mentors and champions. I will write more soon, but that you from the bottom of my heart to my friends, family, colleagues, fellow Log Cabin members (gay and straight), staffers, elected, clients and supporters. Today, #InclusionWins I am beyond words.”

Opponents to the charter suggested that the approval would be in contradiction to the platform of the California Republican Party, according to the Los Angeles Times:

John Briscoe, president of the socially conservative California Republican Assembly, pointed to Log Cabin’s support of same-sex marriage.

“I have a hard time understanding how we’re going to charter an organization that’s in opposition to our platform."

Many Republicans took to Twitter to share their happiness and approval of the move by the California Republican Party.

The Log Cabin Republicans were established in California in the late 1970s when they sought to defeat an anti-gay initiative, according to their website. Since then, they have worked to support many openly gay GOP candidates including Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego City Councilman and candidate for Congress in 2014.

Proponents hope that the action taken in California will expand to other states in the near future.

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