North Carolina "Moral Monday" Caught Busing In Out-of-State Protestors. Guess Who Else Showed Up?

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Rev. Jeremiah Wright Speaks At National Press Club
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This past Monday in North Carolina, the state NAACP's “Moral Monday” movement led a protest march in Winston-Salem. The crowd was large and apparently contained a number of out-of-state SEIU union members.

This is not the first time Moral Monday and the North Carolina NAACP have called in SEIU members from out-of-state to astroturf their protests. One of the larger protests in 2013 included multiple buses of SEIU members from New York and New Jersey.

The North Carolina GOP was on the ground during the protest and, despite protesters heckling the newly elected chairman during his statement, they captured some of these SEIU members in three separate videos.

In one video, the SEIU member doesn't even know which of the Carolinas he is currently in. SEIU members bused in were also captured on Twitter, including one photo taken on one of the buses. In one of the videos, a woman wearing a purple SEIU shirt stated they were bused in the night before from New York and stayed at an Embassy Suites nearby.

Members from Georgia and Washington, D.C. were involved too, according to the SEIU's Faculty Forward RSVP:

On July 13 Faculty Forward will be joining the Moral Monday movement in North Carolina for a mass day of action. Groups will be traveling from Atlanta and Washington, D.C.

A Moral Monday event was held at a local church the day before the march. In attendance was Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who preached at the church attended by President Obama and who became notorious during the 2008 campaign for his “God Damn America” sermon.

More pictures that include attendees of the protest can be found at Daily Kos. (In one picture, Daily Kos posters are clearly visible.) Also of note, the 'Hip Hop Caucus' reported on Twitter that they marched alongside the SEIU members.

It is curious that union members from New York would be bused into North Carolina to protest a voter ID law when their own state has far more restrictive voting measures than North Carolina, as noted by Carolina Journal.

The North Carolina GOP has also launched a new website,, detailing the funding flowing into North Carolina via 'Action NC', a noted partner of the Moral Monday movement, and evidence of direct payments from the SEIU to the head of the state NAACP and the leader of Moral Monday, Rev. William Barber.

Local media outlet WRAL produced a 'fact check' of the claims made by the NC GOP, which immediately came under fire by North Carolina radio host Pete Kaliner, asking the 'fact checker' if they asked the SEIU protesters how much they were compensated to be there.

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