Sununu Slams 'Dumb' Trump: 'The Country Doesn't Need P.T. Barnum As President'

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Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Visits His Scottish Golf Course

Former Gov. John Sununu is an important and influential voice in New Hampshire politics. His endorsement could very well make the difference for one of the 17 candidates running for the Republican nomination.

Monday on my show on Washington, DC's WMAL radio, the former Chief of Staff for Pres. George H. W. Bush came out swinging against Donald Trump and his latest headline-grabbing feud with Fox News:

"It shows you how dumb Donald Trump is. He's on the most significant TV channel for the Republican primary. He's running for the nomination on the Republican side and he's dumb enough to pick a fight with the most significant channel in terms of communication. It's a combination of oversized ego and not too bright.

I asked Sununu if there wasn't some great value for having a communicator like Trump in the GOP field because he brings awareness and publicity to Republican issues like illegal immigration, he replied:

“The country doesn't need P.T. Barnum as president.”

Later in the interview, I pointed out to the former governor that he had been a loyal supporter and spokesman for Gov. Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign. I asked if Trump won the GOP nomination, would he support him as the nominee:

“The minute he makes a commitment to support the Republican nominee, I'll give you an answer to that question.”

It does not appear that commitment will be coming any time soon. Trump appeared on Fox News Tuesday morning and when asked if he would vow to not run a third party campaign for president he said, “I do want to keep that door open.”

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