The Protestors Disrupting Trump Events Are Anarchists. We Cannot Back Down.

| MAR 16, 2016 | 4:32 PM
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Security Concerns Postpone Trump Rally

Friday night in Chicago, at the site of the Donald Trump rally, we were awakened to what America will be like if we continue to kowtow to the radicalized left and their violent intimidation tactics to shut down Constitutionally protected speech. Theirs is not a protest movement. It is pure anarchy.

After eight years under President Obama, the totalitarian enemies of freedom know they have our Constitutional Republic on the ropes—now they’re going for the throat.

These radical anarchist Riot-Starters have come out from the underground, ready to seize their prize. The presidential election process is very germane to our Republic; if it is stopped, so too is our liberty, our representative system, our way of life.

Some on the right and in the conservative media are trying to find ways to appease the Riot-Starters. They are walking on eggshells in the hopes of avoiding the truth of our situation. There is no palatable neutral, no safe space or “toning down” of rhetoric that can help us negotiate our way out of this conflict.

These are rebellions brought on by anarchists who show up with the intent to create chaos. They live and breathe violence and disorder and will not be placated except for silencing those with whom they disagree. Their presence is a threat to ordered liberty in the United States.

This totalitarian movement of Riot-Starters is made up of a patchwork quilt of cop-haters, criminals, anarchists in general, university students, and organized labor. Along the way to these rallies, they pick up and encourage people to get involved. This is why you see university students, juveniles, and criminals as useful tools of the professional organizers. It is stealth by nature; this rebellion is a wolf in a sheep’s clothing, duping people along the way.

We need to stop blaming the victim and muster the courage to stand up to this very dangerous movement. This has nothing to do with an individual candidate’s policy positions or rhetoric. It has everything to do with Trump and his supporters’ right to assemble peaceably.

The law-abiding men and women who showed up at the rally and wanted to participate, including the candidate, had their civil rights, as afforded by the Constitution, violated. They didn’t start this, but I don’t expect them to back down, either.

What I expect – and frankly, what all Americans should expect of each other – is that when we exercise our Constitutional rights and people try to intimidate us or shut us down, we don’t give in. This event was nothing compared to what will happen at the Republican convention in Cleveland, and it is designed to intimidate.

The truth is the Chicago Police were under-resourced last night. The Chicago Police administrators should have put their line officers in a position to enable this rally to take place.

Everyone needs to understand that this is no longer a from-the-sidelines, punditry debate.

The Riot-Starters in Chicago went looking for trouble. We needed to stand up for our right to participate in this political process. The right thing to do is to stand your ground in the face of threats to your freedom. When a fight is inevitable, hit first and hit hard.

These domestic terrorists targeted the Trump rally last night because right now his campaign is running on the platform of law-and-order, getting the largest crowds, and is the greatest threat to what the Riot-Starters are trying to achieve, which is to bring down our legally constituted government.

If Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio were drawing the same numbers as Trump, it would be them instead. No one can hide, and it has nothing to do with a candidate’s rhetoric or demeanor.

If anything, look at some of the language used by Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at their rallies and debates: they criticize and attack the police while ratcheting up racial animosity.

The President of the United States is the one responsible for creating this division in America, stoking up racial discord, class warfare and gender warfare for the last eight years.

If these anarchists truly cared about violence or hate, they would have been on the South Side of Chicago Friday night protesting against the current state of street violence there: in a 24-hour period last week 20 people were shot, 2 people murdered; in the just the first two months of this year 467 people have been shot leaving nearly 100 dead.

Suggesting that Donald Trump “tone it down” is farcical and misidentifies the goals of the Riot-Starters. No one is to blame except in the sense that we cherish the very thing that these anarchists detest: Freedom. The Riot-Starters will only be placated if they make us so fearful that we give up our First Amendment rights.

Law-abiding Americans must not and cannot back down to these freedom-squashing goons. It is time for all of us to understand just what our enemies want to achieve – chaos and fear — and to rally around the fundamental truths of the Constitution.

Our ordered liberty is at stake. At some point the Founders said, “that’s enough. We’re going to have go to war over this.”

Stand up and fight. Neutrality or appeasement amounts to endorsement. Self-flagellation over language or rhetoric cedes to the left’s false narrative. There is no safe space here. You either fight or you’re going to live under a totalitarian regime.

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