Liberal Activists In N.C. Are Knocking On Doors Demanding Businesses Answer One Loaded Question...

| APR 1, 2016 | 2:25 PM
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In the week since the North Carolina state legislature passed a bill that overturned a dangerous Charlotte city law that would have allowed men in women's restrooms, lockers, and showers, we've seen lawsuits and hypocritical big corporations threatening to pull business if the bill signed into law by the governor is not repealed.

But what liberal activists have advanced to as the week has dragged on is a political witch hunt.

Not content with getting big corporations involved in public policy, something the activist left used to oppose, Democrats in North Carolina and beyond are demanding Governor McCrory name the names of the businesses he has said supports the bill known as “HB2”:

Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin said Tuesday at the press conference he wants the governor to release that list of businesses supporting HB2. “Let us know what CEOs he’s heard from that think this legislation is good for their business, good for their employees, good for their customers, good for the rest of the community and the state.”

NC Values, a conservative group and proponent of HB2, released a list of mostly local small businesses this week that support bill. Some of them, the group said, didn't want to be named due to fear of backlash. The list, which includes many Christian-based businesses, has been endlessly analyzed and dissected by various Raleigh News and Observer journos.

This was emblematic of the activist left's reaction to NC Values' list:

The News and Observer's Colin Campbell helpfully retweeted info from a North Carolina liberal activist who was calling businesses to determine where they stood on HB2:

A pro “transgender rights” group is going door to door in Asheville, NC to find out if businesses are for or against the new law:

The transgender community is urging Asheville businesses to ensure the safety of people using their bathrooms after discussion over House Bill 2 has heated up.


A group from Asheville's Tranzmission will be canvassing businesses, beginning downtown and continuing through West and South Asheville, and asking whether their bathrooms would be safe for transgender people to use.

The group wants to compile a list of “trans-friendly” businesses for people to be aware of. But with the information they badger from businesses owners, they can also compile a list of businesses in support of the law, which in turn allies of groups like Human Rights Watch and the North Carolina ACLU will use to browbeat them into complying with their beliefs:

Protesters have already targeted Forever Tattoo on Lexington Avenue over comments the owner made about bathroom policies. But, the owner says he doesn't discriminate against anyone and that he wasn't given a chance to explain his position.

Considering what happened to people in California during the Prop 8 witch hunt, and after the electronic lynch mob that shut down Indiana's Memories Pizza after they told a local journalist they wouldn't cater a gay wedding, can you blame individuals and businesses for not wanting to speak publicly about their support for this law?

The sad thing about all the hysteria is that the law itself allows for private businesses (imagine that!) to set their bathrooms up consistent with how they feel they should be. In other words, it doesn't ban unisex facilities at any business.

Knocking on doors to drum up support for your candidate or cause is something everyone should support. Knocking on doors and demanding the names of people and businesses who disagree with your cause in order to “name and shame” them publicly is, frankly, one of the most un-American things I've seen happen in my lifetime. People, even businesses, have a right to their private beliefs.

Let the activist left's media-aided  lynch-mob-style “activism” serve as a serious warning: You will be made to comply, or they will come for you.

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