5 Ways 'Social Justice Warriors' Have Seriously Violated Their Own Principles In 2016

| APR 8, 2016 | 2:43 PM

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For the activist left, there are few callings higher than that of the modern-day “social justice warrior.” SJWs view everything through progressive lenses and fancy themselves as the ultimate arbiters of what's right and wrong with society.

SJW solutions are usually some variation of some or all of the following at any given time: We must punish corporations; we must raise the minimum wage; racism, misogyny, and homophobia are entrenched in the fabric of our society; we must provide safe spaces for those who feel uncomfortable being around whites, men, Christians, conservatives or anyone else whose belief system we find offensive, or who we might otherwise feel emotionally or physically threatened by.

But a funny thing has happened this year as it relates to the activist left and their SJW agenda: they've violated their own principles, and as such, their credibility has taken a serious hit.

No finer example can be found than in North Carolina, in the aftermath of the state legislature's overturning of Charlotte's so-called “LGBT protections ordinance,” aka the bathroom bill, and the raging hysteria that has followed.

1) Safe Spaces No Longer Matter

As women have been taught their entire lives, bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and other similar gender-specific facilities were places men should never be allowed to enter, because those places fulfill our reasonable expectations of privacy and safety in public settings. In all of them, women and children are in various stages of undress - at their most vulnerable, with their guard down - and a man's entry into those safe spaces oftentimes means serious trouble.

But proponents of “equality for all” tell us women and children have nothing to fear from transgender bathroom laws, and should learn to like sharing spaces with men.

2) The Word Of Sexual Assault Victims Is No Longer The Final Word

Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton herself has said on more than one occasion that survivors of sexual assault must be heard, believed, supported:

But apparently that is no longer the case, in spite of the so-called “rape culture epidemic” in America. In Washington state, survivors of sexual assault spoke out against transgender access laws. They were ignored. Sexual assault survivors spoke out in Charlotte against the ordinance both times it came up for a vote. Their voices were ignored.

3) You No Longer Need To Be Protected From Triggers

Remember trigger warnings, which the activist left said were necessary in order to prevent unnecessary psychological pain to those who have either been socially traumatized by society or physically victimized by someone in the past? In the transgender access debate, however, women and children who've been emotionally scarred by sexual predators, whether it be from peeping Toms to violent sexual attacks including rape, need not apply. Your concerns about a man violating your private space and hurting you are unfounded...and perhaps are just made up, anyway. Even when they're not.

4) It’s Acceptable For Corporations To Dictate Public Policy

Once upon a time, the activist left absolutely loathed the idea of corporations getting involved in public policy debates. Even our left wing Activist In Chief plotted ways to silence the voices of corporations in politics. But in the aftermath of North Carolina's passage of the “HB2” bill late last month, progressive groups delivered a letter to the governor's office that included the signatures of 100+ CEOs, including Google, the hypocrites at Apple, and others demanding that HB2 be repealed.

Progressive policy groups could barely contain their glee:

5) Job-Killing State Boycotts Are Encouraged For The Sake Of The “Greater Good”

While the activist left in NC were busy knocking on doors and publicly demanding the names of businesses that supported HB2 in an effort to shame and bully them either into compliance or bankruptcy, PayPal made the decision to pull out of an expansion deal in Charlotte that would have brought 400 jobs to the city. North Carolina progressives applauded PayPal's supposed standing on principle at the expense of the employment of 400 of their fellow citizens, and also ignored the company's glaring double standards when it comes to equality, inclusion, and fairness for the LGBTQ community.

So much SJW hypocrisy on display, it almost makes you want a temporary safe space of your own to spare you from the annoyance of having to witness it. Almost.

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