The Media Loves Tweets Praising The NCAA's Decision, But Here Are 6 They Conveniently Ignored.

| SEP 14, 2016 | 2:36 PM

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On Monday, the NCAA announced their decision to pull a number of championship tournament games from North Carolina over the HB2 “bathroom bill.”

The following games will be moved to sites that have not yet been determined:

  • 2016 Division I Women’s Soccer Championship, College Cup (Cary), Dec. 2 and 4.

    2016 Division III Men’s and Women’s Soccer Championships (Greensboro), Dec. 2 and 3.

    2017 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship, first/second rounds (Greensboro), March 17 and 19.

    2017 Division I Women’s Golf Championships, regional (Greenville), May 8-10.

    2017 Division III Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championships (Cary), May 22-27.

    2017 Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship (Cary), May 26 and 28.

    2017 Division II Baseball Championship (Cary), May 27-June 3.

The reactions to the news were swift, and varied - mostly depending on which side you stood on the HB2 issue to begin with, naturally. Unfortunately, you wouldn't know it by reading some mainstream media reports.

One response that has gotten a significant amount of attention has been from North Carolina GOP spokeswoman Kami Mueller:

Hard to argue with that, but sports journos - including some from the Washington Post - made sure to highlight tweets condemning the statement, while ignoring other tweets that also called out the NCAA on their selective moral standards.

This was also a classic reaction from those condemning Mueller - not included in the Washington Post's piece for some reason:

Because I'm sure not including a wide diversity of tweets and reactions has been just an oversight on the media's part, and because I'm positive even-tempered anti-HB2 critics like Montel Williams understand that there are legitimate arguments against the NCAA's decision, I've compiled a small list of social media opinions which I think add value to the discussion, and which go against the emerging pro-NCAA media narrative.

Don't expect much - if any - capitulation. Stay tuned.

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