Here's The Real Reason Jill Stein Pushed For A Recount - And Hillary Clinton Won't Like Hearing It

| DEC 19, 2016 | 7:18 AM

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What is Jill Stein’s endgame?

Certainly she is disqualified at the outset from claiming that voting irregularities cost her the presidency.

Is Jill Stein simply making a play for cash left over from donations after her efforts fail? This seems unlikely. Dr. Stein has built her brand on highly principled ideological positions and would be consigned to political irrelevancy if her present effort were perceived only as a shallow money grab.

Alternatively, is she simply another tiresome shill for Hillary? This also does not make sense in the context of her statements on December 9th, severely rebuking Mrs. Clinton for failure to cooperate properly with the present recount effort.

Moreover, while not specifically endorsing Donald Trump during the campaign, Stein very clearly and accurately painted Clinton as so lacking in common sense, human compassion and political maturity, as to equate a Clinton presidency with planetary incineration.

So what is Jill Stein trying to achieve? Actually, there is only one answer and it reflects positively on her moral character.

She is aware that any threat to Trump’s victory would inevitably stimulate intense scrutiny on the minutiae of the vote tallying process – and possibly reveal massive fraud on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

Every incident and allegation of voter fraud represents the tip of a vast fleet of large and ugly icebergs, representing the steaming muck into which our nation’s electoral process has devolved – bringing with it worldwide ridicule and well-deserved contempt.

A major message sent to the world by this shameful situation is that our elections no longer matter and that we are transitioning from a free nation into an oligarchy. Stein’s intentions were clearly intended to put the public spotlight on the disgraceful corruption built into the current method of choosing our political leaders.

Her strategy is to force a total overhaul of the system, perhaps falling back on tried-but-true mechanisms for ensuring honesty of elections such as purple dye placed on fingers of voters that will not wear off for several days – a measure that is highly effective in developing nations.

Another core element of the Stein formula will be rigorous and long overdue requirements for voter ID to ensure that only U.S. citizens vote, which undoubtedly will have full support by the Trump administration and law enforcement.

Her actions thus are purely noble and patriotic, but amount to an extremely dangerous game.

She is gambling that her “straw” recount effort will fail to unseat Trump but expose corruption and restoration of public confidence in our nation’s capacity to choose leaders wisely, and in the process, putting a final end to the political ambitions of Hillary Clinton.

But what if by some bizarre set of circumstances, Dr. Stein’s intended failure backfires and actually succeeds in putting Hillary on the throne?

Our republic dodged a bullet on November 8th, when the people’s will and loyalty to the spirit of 1776 proved sufficiently powerful to cancel out the forces trying to protect their hold on the levers of power.

Dr. Stein needs to be prepared that her plan may backfire. If that happens, she will be held accountable.

But a new day has dawned and, with a little help from Dr. Stein to keep the integrity of our electoral system on the right track, we are indeed on the way to becoming great again.


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