Want Evidence Of Media Bias? Check Out How This NBC Article Covered The 'Bathroom Bill' Repeal...

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Once again, the mainstream media is demonstrating its journalistic bias, this time over the repeal of the 'bathroom bill' legislation (HB2) in North Carolina. Let's use one NBC article to prove that point.

The article, written by Jon Schuppe and Phil McCausland, makes it seem like the North Carolina legislature refused to follow through on their part of the HB2 “deal.”

“'Do what you said you would do,' a member of the audience yelled. The larger audience chanted 'shame' as the North Carolina Senate adjourned.”

They also quoted North Carolina's Gov.-elect.

“Gov.-elect Roy Cooper accused the Republican-led legislature of failing to fulfill their promise. 'I'm disappointed for the people of North Carolina — for the jobs that people won't have,' Cooper said. 'I'm disappointed that we did not remove the stain on our great state.'”

OK. Fair enough. What did conservative leaders in North Carolina say they would do?

Answer: repeal HB2 if the Charlotte city council would repeal their radical left transgender agenda.

That begs the question: Did the Charlotte city council follow through on their part of the deal?

Answer: NO.

Thus, the legislature did exactly what it said it would do.

Furthermore, once it was clear that the Charlotte city council did not follow through with their part of the deal, they called, in the words of Schuppe and McCausland:

“...an emergency meeting to eliminate the entire ordinance.”

There you have it. The admission that they did not eliminate the entire ordinance. So, who was the first to be dishonest in the details of the “deal?” Answer: The Charlotte city council.

Once the city council passed the complete elimination of the ordinance, spokeswoman Kate Luck said, “Now the city's non-discrimination policy is the same version passed in 1968.” Yet, they could not leave it at that. Again, to Schuppe and McCausland's admission:

“Charlotte's city council said in a statement that it still stood with LGBT rights, and would try to find ways to grant protections.”

Well, with the information provided in this article, what did you expect conservatives to do? Simply give up their fight for what is right? Hardly.

Time for people to start speaking the truth and calling these liars out. This article, like many others floating around about HB2, is a quibble, that is, it doesn't say anything blatantly false, but it says things in such a way that causes the general thesis of the article to be blatantly false.

Stand firm North Carolina!

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