Trump Is Right - The Left's Obsession With The Russia Hacking Is A 'Political Witch Hunt'

| JAN 6, 2017 | 6:53 PM

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Hours before Donald Trump walked into his intelligence briefing, the president-elect blasted the media's intense focus on the Russia hacking allegations as a “political witch hunt.”

He's exactly right. I can explain why in exactly 300 words.

Losing campaigns create comforting excuses to explain the defeat and exonerate the candidate. For the Romney campaign in 2012, it was “Obama offered free stuff to ”low-information voters." Romney said as much a week after the election on a conference call with donors.

For Democrats in 2016, the comforting excuse removing Clinton from culpability has become “we lost because Russia was helping Trump.” Hillary herself said as much last month in a speech to - guess who - donors.

The Washington Post noticed, publishing this headline: “Clinton and Obama are increasingly blaming Russia for her loss.” Her aides and supporters have fervently embraced this new religion.

As someone who's been there, I realize this is a step in the healing process. Eventually you accept your failures instead of blaming others.

But in the Democrats case, instead of grieving in self-reassurance, Democrats are using their mythology to publicly undermine Donald Trump's presidency before it begins, airing their own insecurities to plant seeds of doubt wherever and whenever they can.

They demanded electors be briefed on Russia's hacking before the vote. They demanded recounts to uncover any hacking. They protested to “delay the vote” until an investigation was concluded. They're considering filing complaints in Congress during the electoral college count. 'Hacking, hacking, Russia! Hacking, Russia, hacking!'

What do you think partly inspired the “not my president” protests? All of this is to create a masterfully delegitimizing and drip-drip reminder: Trump won not because of his strengths but because of Russia.

Then they clutch their pearls when Trump pushes back?


The left didn't blink when Putin wanted Obama in 2012. They're now shocked that Putin might have supported Trump.

He might have. But if Democrats were serious about a legitimate investigation, they wouldn't take advantage of the allegations to undermine Trump's presidency in a - what's the phrase - political witch hunt.

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