Planned Parenthood's New Ad Is About A Mother Who Kept Her Child. But It's A Pretty Hard Sell...

| MAR 7, 2017 | 7:16 PM

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Worried about the prospect of losing their federal funds, Planned Parenthood has revamped their strategy. They went from lobbying for federal funding for abortion before the election to now running an ad featuring a patient who thanks Planned Parenthood for helping her not to choose abortion.

This ad shows a young woman who did not abort her son because a doctor at a Planned Parenthood told her to go home and sleep on her decision to terminate. She is thankful because she recognizes that her son has filled her life with joy.

In the ad, a woman's voice explains:

"I found out I was pregnant and it was not planned. The most pragmatic option was to get an abortion. I was honestly very conflicted. When I went in to see the actual physician, I was a wreck. She took a look at me and said, 'something tells me that today is not the day. Sleep on it and than reschedule.'

I wish I knew her name so I could thank her for the role that she played in making me a mother."

It was a slew of other videos, though, that provided much of the impetus for defunding in the first place. These showed Planned Parenthood doctors and administrators callously discussing the harvest and sale of the body parts of aborted fetuses.

Although the corporation denies violating any laws, it seems clear that profit is a stronger motivator at the clinics than the medical and human needs of the women that go to them in crisis. So the House of Representatives passed a resolution allowing states to redirect federal Title X funding (meant for contraception, prenatal care and cancer screening) away from Planned Parenthood and toward comprehensive health care clinics.

This is the first, but surely not the last, consequence of an election that put the party that’s not devoted to preserving the corporation’s tax subsidies in the driver’s seat.

Planned Parenthood’s advocacy arm, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, reminds their followers on Twitter that 4 million Americans rely on Title X.

And that is certainly true. What is not true is that redirecting these funds away from the abortion giant puts any of the care offered through Title X out of reach. The states that wish to redirect the money to clinics that can offer a pregnant woman (like the woman in the video) a broad array of services—including prenatal care – should be able to do so.

While Cecile Richards, the corporation’s CEO, has explicitly touted the company as a prenatal care provider for needy women, it turns out that getting prenatal care there is as likely as getting a mammogram. A recent exposé demonstrated what people in low-income neighborhoods (where these clinics are located) already know: the term “pre-natal” when used by Cecile Richards to brag about the vital role of her corporation means little more than a urine pregnancy test and an invitation to terminate.

And “prenatal ultrasound” refers only to the type used to determine the gestational age of the baby in order to determine the kind of abortion that is appropriate. After 13 weeks the procedure is a much more complicated surgical intervention, and is done in fewer, better equipped offices.

At Planned Parenthood the care is pre-natal only in the sense that the tests are taking place before-birth. A real clinical, pre-natal ultrasound evaluates the child’s anatomy and heart activity, the placental location and condition, and the presentation of the child. It assesses for complications that need immediate attention, and factors that must be used to plan for a safe birth. A needy woman requiring one of these ultrasounds to deliver a healthy baby must look for it at a comprehensive health care clinic funded through Title X, not at Planned Parenthood.

Women like the one in the video need compassionate care for all their needs, especially the need to deliver a healthy baby. American taxpayers are happy to pitch in through Title X. But taxpayers also know that Planned Parenthood receives over half a billion dollars a year in federal and state funding while at the same time performing roughly one third of the nation’s abortions.

The story told in Planned Parenthood’s new ad has a very different ending for women and their babies more than 300,000 times a year. A new campaign from them suddenly touting children as blessings is a hard sell.

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