I Am A Muslim Woman - I Will Not Support The Women's March Until Its Leader Denounces Sharia Law

| MAR 8, 2017 | 5:55 PM

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Women's March On Washington

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The people who brought the world the “Women's March” organized a strike on March 8th with the supposed goal of showing the world what it would be like to have a day without women.

The Democrats seem to understand that most women will not sign themselves up for abuse and slavery. But little do they know that their undying support for the Women’s March does just that via one of its biggest organizer's defense of sharia law.

Being a Muslim woman, and having experienced the atrocities of sharia law in the Middle East, this is something that concerns me.

The idea of the women's strike is that America needs to realize what it would be like to have a day with no women and how it would lesson society. What the left and many feminists are failing to fully grasp is that no one has ever suggested, on either side of the aisle, that women are not needed or wanted. This is a false assumption pushed by the mainstream media which, by factual accounts, leans heavily to the left in America.

The underlying message - “Hey America, wake up, because Trump hates women" - is simply not reflective of President Trump. But the false statements have been repeated so many times that people begin believing them enough to become accepting of - and even willing to defend - a sharia law supporter like Linda Sarsour.

It is imperative for women to understand that engaging in such strikes to falsely portray Donald Trump as a threat against women is nowhere near the peril that can accumulate if the real threat - sharia law - is ignored. The “resistance” is misinformed because the protest organizers are supporting a movement that would severely harm women for “resisting” at all.

Under sharia law, not only can women not resist, they may not even look up while walking down the street, drive, speak in court, or even show their face in many of the countries that Trump is trying to put a travel ban upon.

Yet this kind of barbarism is looked upon as something that needs to be tolerated by the left and the Democrats, not something that needs to be discouraged and put to shame. When sharia takes hold under the costume of acceptance within the Democrat Party, it will be too late to do much to remedy it.

Already, the media is hyping the event as what “may be the most high-profile announcement of a general strike during the Trump presidency so far." But sharia law would see women in chains, and would definitely not see them in the streets protesting in what sharia law would label as “half nude.”

If it were truly understood just what is happening, how radicalized views gets sold to the mainstream culture as a foothold, then those that support the strike would run from these messengers of oppression. There is no way to assure any woman any kind of life under the heavy and utterly unforgiving hand of sharia law, which is what the people leading this protest are baiting everyone into defending and accepting.

The Democrats are supposed to be the party of equality and fairness. If that is true, then there is no time in American history where that kind of ideal is most needed. Yet while the women's march is being presented as a way to stop oppression, it is quietly ushering it in retroactively.

As a woman, and as a Muslim, I cannot support the women's march while the marchers themselves are naïve to the goals of its organizers. Making a clear-cut explanation to all innocent supporters of the women’s march is a necessity to open their eyes and mutually arrive at the conclusion that this is a disguise to enforce sharia law in the U.S.

With any luck, the ladies on the streets in silly pink hats will come to see this before it is too late.

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