Remember On Tax Day: There's Nothing Moral Or Christian About The Income Tax.

TREY MAYS | APR 18, 2017 | 6:54 PM

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Tax Preparation Gets Underway Ahead Of April Deadline

Tax day is here. All Americans dread the day with every dying breath they take. The hatred most people have towards tax day has more to do with the incredible inconvenience it is than actually paying taxes. Nobody actually understands why tax day in general, and income taxation specifically, are unbelievably immoral and nefariously evil.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Income taxation is government theft of your property and hard-earned income. It is the civil magistrate claiming to have all authority as God Almighty to dictate how much income you may make and they will steal the excess.

Who gets to determine the excess of income you made and by what standard? You guessed it…the government.

There’s a biblical commandment in God’s Law of Liberty that says something about prohibiting stealing, I believe. But what makes the American income tax system all the more immoral isn’t just the government theft.

The American progressives were more nefarious in their covenant-breaking. They decided they needed more of our property, so they concocted the withholding system. The civil Leviathan in their infinite, secular wisdom steals your money without permission and withholds it from your paycheck.

The bleeding heart Christian socialists justify this nefarious theft while baptizing it in Christian banalities for social justice. What they are doing is universally applying one definition of biblical justice to all uses of the word. This is also known as Red Letter Christianity. Tony Campolo and Jim Wallis, the leading proponents of Christian socialism, will misinterpret and universally apply the words of Jesus to the civil magistrate in support of social justice.

Romans 13 is not about a universal justice given to the civil magistrate to make all outcomes equal. It is not the biblical jurisdiction of the Leviathan to root out all forms of alleged inequality. Christians must have a proper definition of biblical justice and apply it appropriately according to the Scriptures, God’s Law.

Biblically, money is God’s, given to the people to steward, not the government’s property. The civil magistrate does not have a right or the unfettered obligation to take the people’s property.

The Church is the minister to seek social justice, while the civil magistrate seeks legal and criminal justice. All Christians must realize God created sphere sovereignty for each of the family, the church, and civil government with their own social and legal jurisdictions.

The immorality of income taxation and withholding is the socialization of government taking on the jurisdiction of the Church. And Christian socialism is the Church abdicating her biblical mandate within its own legal jurisdiction according to Scripture and biblical law.

Every Christian should be the strongest and loudest voices for the full repeal of the income tax, withholding, and the 16th Amendment. The Church’s public theology on tax policy should not be limited to the platitude of charitable giving deductions.

We should be Christian Reformists and seek the fundamental reform of taxation to a system more consistent with biblical law. We should be advocating a biblical system that doesn’t take property from individuals.

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