The Media Is Right About An FBI 'Obstruction of Justice' – But It Wasn't Done By Trump

| MAY 12, 2017 | 6:06 PM

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The media has spent the last week lambasting the Trump administration and the president himself after President Donald Trump made the decision to fire then-FBI Director James Comey.

The media has made comparisons to the Watergate scandal, and the “Saturday Night Massacre” in particular, that engulfed and ultimately ended the Nixon administration. However, unlike President Nixon, President Trump is said to not be the subject of a criminal investigation and the FBI director he fired was despised for his conduct by both those on the right and the left.

So, if Trump isn’t the subject of an investigation, and the Democrat interim FBI director said that Comey’s firing wont disrupt any ongoing investigations, then there is no cover-up or scandal to speak of. But lets not let facts get in the way of a good media circus. (And journalists these days wonder why the president is suspicious of them.)

However, the media isn’t wrong in saying there was a deliberate cover up of an FBI investigation into potential illegal activity that took place during the 2016 presidential campaign – it just wasn't done by Donald Trump, as the media alleges.

The media seems to have quickly forgotten that one of the things that brought down Hillary Clinton’s failed bid for president was the fact that she owned and operated a private email server out of the bathroom in her home in Chappaqua, New York in violation of State Department policy.

The FBI director also publicly confirmed that hundreds of emails Clinton sent and received contained Top Secret Special Access Program material in violation of U.S. law, though Comey said no “reasonable prosecutor” would take that case - a decision that was not Comey’s to make and contributed to his firing.

The Clinton scandal didn’t stop there, though. Just as her husband didn’t learn during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the cover up is almost always worse than the crime.

Hillary Clinton's server was “wiped clean,” and they never offered a satisfactory explanation as to why that was done, especially since she tried to make light of the situation early on in the scandal and claim her emails only contained mundane family-related communications which we now know is not true.

Many of the emails wiped clean from her sever were never recovered and suggest a cover-up. Who has their server “wiped clean” unless they have something to hide? More classified emails, pay-to-play at the Clinton foundation, or emails that speak to her intent to hide her communications in violation of the Federal Records Act?

Where was the media then, when they failed to use the word 'cover-up' as it was intended?

Ultimately, these false narratives and ridiculous Watergate comparisons about President Trump will fall by the wayside as there is neither evidence nor fact to support them. Trump did what was in his authority as President of the United States and dismissed an FBI director whose conduct was out of line after both Democrats and Republicans called for his firing.

The only cover-up that took place was when Hillary purposefully had her emails destroyed despite congressional and FBI investigations. But don’t worry folks, nothing to see here…

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