The Left Wants to Define Motherhood as 'Unpaid Work' - but They Won't Win if We Stand in Their Way

| MAY 15, 2017 | 3:11 PM

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Hillary Clinton propelled the “war on women” to cosmic heights during her presidential run and she hasn’t slowed her momentum. In a recent interview on CNN, she said there was no important or larger issue than women’s rights, calling it the “unfinished business of the 21st century.”

While I completely disagree with Mrs. Clinton’s carefully crafted fabrications and exaggerated anecdotes, I do agree there is a war being waged on women—by women. It is the war on mothers.

This March, the United Nations held their annual Commission on the Status of Women where feminists from the United States, Australia and Europe defined motherhood as “unpaid work” that needs to be “recognized, reduced and redistributed.”

In the annual letter from the Gates Foundation, February, 2017, Melinda Gates stated “the real issue isn’t how much time women spend on unpaid work—it’s how much time they don’t spend contributing to society and pursuing higher education or a career.” She further stated that given the opportunity women would “spend more time doing paid work, starting businesses, or otherwise contributing to the economic well-being of societies around the world. The fact that they can’t, holds their families and communities back.”

While this is incredibly belittling to mothers and completely disregards the contributions we make to society as mothers, it is actually a validation of just how important we are.

There is an orchestrated effort in our country to unravel the very fabric of our nation. Women like Hillary Clinton and Melinda Gates have a vision of the future that is much different from mine. If they want to see their vision fulfilled they need to induce the rising generation into embracing their vision.

There’s just one problem—I stand in the way. You can’t create a socialist nation when the mothers of the nation are raising their children to love liberty. You can’t propagate lies when mothers are teaching truth or redefine values when mothers are setting the standard of virtue and humanity in their homes.

The fact is, mothers are the greatest influence on society. As the battle of ideas rages on around us, we are determining right now, at this very moment, what the standard of humanity will be in the future, whether freedom will prosper and if families will thrive.

The destroyers of liberty are trying to reduce us to the status of unpaid housekeepers and childcare providers because they know who we really are and they want to silence women where they are the strongest—in the home. The National Organization for Women and their feminist cohorts have deceived us into thinking what we do is menial and of little value. But the reality is—they are keenly aware of our influence.

We have been called Housewives, Kool-Aid moms, Soccer Moms and Security Moms. Retailers pursue us, politicians need us, and America will not survive without us. We are the mothers of our future leaders.

A nation is but a magnified home. What we nurture in our homes good or bad is determining the future of our nation.

I’m not an unpaid housekeeper and childcare provider. I am a home maker, a nation builder, shaping the future of America. I know what kind of world I want my children to live in and what Hillary Clinton and radical feminists are shoving down our throats just isn’t it.

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