The Charlie Gard Case Reminds Christians Why We Should Be Outraged At Socialized Medicine

| JUN 30, 2017 | 7:20 PM

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Charlie Gard, baby boy of Chris Gard and Connie Yates across the trans-Atlantic pond in the United Kingdom, has a rare genetic disorder called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. The powers that be of the State have concluded that Charlie must “die with dignity.”

It’s a tragic, sordid tale of depravity that every sensible human being should be appalled at if we still believed in moral truth. Everyone on the Right is focused on the travesty and failures of socialized medicine. And they aren’t wrong.

Charlie’s parents, Chris and Connie, have raised over a million dollars to bring Charlie over to America for an experimental treatment. But England’s health service seems to believe they know better than Charlie’s own parents. The National Health Service, NHS, told his parents he should be left to “die with dignity.”

Socialized medicine takes the human element out of health care and looks at illnesses and diseases in a strictly cost-based, quantitative view. If the likelihood of survival is low, the “national health experts” won’t take the “risk” with treatment. Never mind that the parents have already made plans to take the risk somewhere else.

However, the Charlie Gard case speaks to the moral depravity of the sexual revolution and the redefinition of marriage in a broader, cultural sense. And this immorality affects medical care and health insurance, which leads to a socialized medicine with a subhuman view of man, while bestowing deity-like prominence on the State.

It isn’t just about denying parental rights in the medical treatment and health care of Chris and Connie’s child. It is denying they are even Charlie’s ultimate parents at all.

The sexual revolution and the redefinition of marriage wasn’t – and isn’t – an American-only event. It has always been a global movement of secular humanism to deny God and reality. What better way to deny God than to deny the pre-political institution of marriage.

The redefinition of marriage isn’t about expanding liberty and equality. It is a State-sanctioned mirage of how God designed marriage. In this mirage, the State becomes the parent, and the State has control over the education, health, and well-being of children.

Christians shouldn’t just be outraged to this action taken by the London “health professionals” because it’s a taking of human life. Or that it’s a subhuman treatment of a human. All those things are true.

But Christians have a broader, cultural reason to be righteously outraged at the subhuman system of socialized medicine. The Church must make Charlie Gard a household name and trending on social media because it is a denial of parents their God-given parental rights. It makes the State more important than the parents in the education, health, and well-being of a child’s life.

Charlie Gard isn’t just an example of the failures of socialized medicine. You’re thinking too small. It is the denial of true liberty.

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