I'm a Patriot. But This Fourth of July, I Pledged Allegiance to God, Not My Country.

| JUL 6, 2017 | 2:05 PM

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Now that we have done our “patriotic duty” with flag-waving national pride for the year, let’s reflect and lament. July 4, 1776 is the day of independence from British tyranny and religious oppression. The day would eventually launch the American Reformation (erroneously known as the American Revolution).

Independence Day was a day of celebration for the separation from tyranny and the birth of an experiment of self-determination in liberty and constitutional government. We aren’t celebrating the day of the fourth; we’re celebrating the independence that occurred on that day.

Revolutions are armed conflicts pushing for political change by way of force within the same country. The French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, and even the American Civil War were revolutionary wars. Our war for independence was a war of self-determination and separation with a generally peaceful reformational experiment in liberty and constitutional government by the consent of the governed.

America isn’t that country anymore.

I’m a Patriot. I love my country and believe the circumstances of the good and the sins combined makes America an exceptional country, as compared to all other nations. However, I do not socialistically pledge allegiance to any person or object other than God, and I do not idolize leaders who wrap their “Hope and Change” or “America First” in the American flag.

We have compromised with secular humanism one too many times. It doesn’t mean that we haven’t made good, and even great, achievements. It means even in the midst of those achievements, even much-needed achievements, our ungodly compromises with secular humanism created far wider consequences we are dealing with today.

We owe a plethora of lifetimes of gratitude to Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Christian pastors (black and white) who stood shoulder to shoulder for racial equality and civil rights. I do not lament for a second what the civil rights movement achieved, but what almost immediately proceeded after the civil rights era was the sexual revolution.

Prior to the sexual revolution, the nuclear family was intact with men at home being husbands to their wives, and fathers to their children. Now, crime is up, fatherlessness is up, and men don’t lead their wives, if they even get married.

Our ungodly compromises with secular humanism over the decades brought us the sexual revolution. It redefined sex and love and divorced them from marriage, and the abuse of drugs is more rampant.

Human life was redefined in 1973 with the legalization of abortion, which has led to the American genocide of nearly sixty million human babies. Marriage has been redefined with a state-sanctioned mirage, while our culture is actually debating whether gender is a biological fact or a social construct.

Our descent as a civilized and moral society doesn’t stop with social and cultural decadence. It has led to a march towards tyranny in the name of law, order, and national security. America is a police state with a national government that over nationalizes crimes, and makes crimes out of the silliest offenses. If you have something as simple as a busted tail light, our police can indiscriminately pull you over and search your vehicle without due process.

The police state has not only militarized our police force; America is also a nefarious surveillance state that collects mass data on American citizens without due process, all in the name of national security and fighting radical Islamic terrorism. It is systematically corrupt in the higher echelon of the surveillance state system.

Don’t get me wrong, there are patriots in law enforcement and the intelligence community who serve for the same reasons people serve in the Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy - but the police state and surveillance state are the overreaching systems that have little regard for constitutional rights and due process.

The Fourth of July doesn’t represent the independence and experiment in self-determination that we won anymore. The American flag represents the broken nuclear family, a more tribalistic culture, genocide of sixty million babies, and a redefinition of reality. We have been on a slow march towards decadence and tyranny with some great much-needed achievements, but we’ve become more of a godless society with the blood of nearly sixty million babies on our hands.

At the birth of our nation, even among our own sins, we were a faithful and religious people, but certainly not perfect. At our best, we were the Puritans at their best, a people who sought first the Kingdom of God, and albeit imperfectly, desired to consistently follow God’s Law.

Instead, we have forgotten our true religion and replaced it with the idolatrous religion of Americanism. We have become nationalists, left-wing and right-wing. A nationalist elevates the individual to god, and the state to king. The religion of a nationalist is Americanism and their motto is “my country, right or wrong.” Americanism defines a country solely by the good it does, while ignoring its sins.

A patriot loves his country in the good and bad, while seeking first the Kingdom of God, telling the truth, and demanding accountability of his nation from the holy standard of the Scriptures. A patriot defines a country not by the good or the sins, but by whether or not the country seeks first the Kingdom of God.

Let’s make Matthew 6:33 America’s national verse. Make the Kingdom Great Again.

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