I Criticized Sarah Silverman On Twitter For Supporting Bernie. Then She DMed Me About Her Values.

| JUL 10, 2017 | 3:40 PM

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Sarah Silverman and I once had a serious Twitter direct message debate about socialism, comedy, and values. Even though this happened on May 2, 2016, it's still hard to believe.

You're probably wondering how this came about. What pre-empted this?

I had been following Sarah Silverman for some time, but I wasn't overly familiar with her work. I was on Twitter with some time on my hands when I saw this tweet go up from Sarah.

I knew I had to say something, so within a minute I had crafted a response.

One and done. Like any tweet response to a celebrity. I was just glad to receive a few likes. So I go on my merry way - until I noticed Sarah Silverman had shown up in my DMs.

It reads:

“Do you like firefighters? Public schools? Our police departments? Those are socialized programs, comrade!”

I was speechless. I didn't know if it was really her at first. It even took me a second to realize it was in reference to the tweet I had sent an hour prior. I knew Sarah Silverman was famous, but I didn't know to what caliber. So I ran to look at how many followers she had on Twitter and when I saw that she had a several million followers, I was flabbergasted.

I knew one thing: I didn't want to mess this up. So I asked a friend of mine who was pursuing a career in politics (David Giltzow) if he'd help me craft an epic response. When I first told him that Sarah Silverman had DMed me, he didn't believe me. It turns out he is big fan of her work, “even though her political views suck.” So he was happy to help me in my battle.

The result is below and I couldn't have said it any better.

After that initial response, I didn't ask David for anymore help and continued the battle on my own. It didn't end there, either, because Sarah replied:

It reads, in part:

Agree to disagree. I make 35 cents to the dollar because of the people I pay out including taxes. And I was raised by my Dad to appreciate being able to pay taxes and help not just my own interests - roads, services - but to help those in need.

Those who aren't given the same opportunities as me. But I'm a bleeding heart liberal and that's just me! On top of that it's a Jewish thang to give 10% of everything you make to charity. It stings sometimes but it makes for a happy life (for me.)

Sarah's response was surprising. I learned how much her values mean to her and how closely she holds them. We really just disagreed on how to help people.

Socialism fails countless people in countless countries, so I doubled down on my position that socialism is not the answer.

I'm a huge Marco Rubio supporter. Who she described is the senator I love. A big reason I support Marco is that he stands strongly against socialism. So it was interesting to hear how willing he is to cross the aisle with someone like Bernie Sanders.


Wait, but why doesn't she have those worries? Why does she feel differently on that? Don't worry, guys. I asked that next.

That's something I deeply respect. That's a different Sarah Silverman than I usually see. You have to admire how passionate she is about her beliefs. It's not about the money for her.

She's still wrong though. Besides me inviting her on my “Who Wants to Laugh” podcast to continue our debate (which she promptly ignored), that was the end of our discussion.

You're probably wondering why I'm only now releasing this to the public a year later. My reasoning is that I liked the idea of keeping this little awesome experience between the two of us. I didn't remotely expect it to be as interesting as it was to others when I released it on social media.

It's entirely up to you if you want to hate Sarah or not. I was shocked at how much more down to Earth she was than I thought and it seems like she has put thought into the beliefs she holds. That's something that we should all respect, whether we're fans or not.

I get that she has said some horrible things in the past, but I hope that this at least humanizes her somewhat. Don't worry though. I promise to continue trolling her on Twitter.

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