Christian Parents, Neutrality is a Myth in Public Education

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Matt Walsh, blogger and staff writer at TheBlaze, posited yesterday that the public school system cannot be saved. We can only save our children from the compulsory public school system. But why is the public school system a lost cause?

It is amazing how secular we are, as Christians, when it comes to our view of civil government and public education. In a free society, the question is ultimately of sovereignty. Who has authority over whom? In a biblical free society, God’s authority is the moral basis where all human authority is derived. On education, who has authority to educate our kids?  Is it the State or the parents?

Christians advocate for biblical values, but we don’t advocate for a biblical government, a Christian civilization. We have accepted the myth of religious neutrality that the secularist perpetuates to maintain his grip on human authority. Neutrality in civil government, especially in education, is merely the religious instruction in all subjects of every area of life through the worldview of the religion of secularism.

The secularist claims neutrality with a few public prayers in God’s name and a recitation of “under God” in the socialistic Pledge of Allegiance, and Christians claim moral victory over education. In reality, the secularist is building new houses of worship to replace the religious instruction of churches, and the discipline and child rearing of families.

Don’t get me wrong, there are strong and devout believers in the public school system as teachers and parents, who have a sincere heart for their kids to know God, and have a biblical worldview in every area of life. I have dear friends who are awesome at what they do in the public school system. I pray God will still use them to teach those kids a proper, critical worldview in every subject matter.

But heaven forbid a Christian expresses the unpopular opposition to the public school system because we can't be seen as opposing teachers. I support teachers. I just don't support the secular, compulsory government school system they serve.

Every single Christian teacher talks about how to be a light, but there are always caveats they have to tiptoe around. They can’t critically teach a biblical view of math, science, and history. Christian teachers have to teach God’s mathematical, scientific, historical world in a nebulously “neutral” way to avoid “proselytizing.” In essence, they are required to teach a “religiously neutral” exposition of the facts.

The myth of secular neutrality neuters the Christian teacher’s biblical witness.

In reality, the compulsory education system is forcing them to “proselytize” the worldview of secularism, whether they realize it or not. As Christian as a teacher might be, their kids aren’t learning the mathematical, scientific, and historical design of God’s world, they’re learning a secularist view of the world without God. Instead of critically learning of a world as it was created and designed, kids are learning of a very humanistic and materialistic world.

There is no neutrality in facts.

There will always be a religious, moral worldview and standard that is taught. It is with the dominate worldview where the allegedly “neutral” facts are understood, no matter how “neutral” you convince yourself. Kids are learning a secularist worldview in public education while a Christian worldview is “neutrally” relegated to the four walls of the Church.

Christian parents, you, and your kids, may very well be ministering to people and families that are in the public school system. Yes, and amen. But what’s keeping you from being a light to them elsewhere in your community?

Why do you feel the need to abdicate your biblical authority over your child’s education to a secular government to fulfill a misplaced desire to be a light? Your first responsibility, as a Christian parent, is to the mind of your child, so that they may grow up in the knowledge of the Lord, applied to every subject, as a missionary in their field.

Right now, Christians are fighting for a biblical façade over a secular system. Let’s advocate for the replacement of the secular systems with a classical Christian education and biblical government. Let’s be real Daniels declaring Christ’s Lordship over governments and nations. Daniels who advocate for God’s Law as biblically divided between family, church, and civil governments.

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