Dear Planned Parenthood: No, the Senate's Failure to Block Abortion Funding Isn't a 'Win' for Women

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For an estimated 1,268 women, “winning” a soccer game, a scholarship, or even a presidential election will never be a possibility. What happened? They were aborted yesterday.

Every day, approximately 2,537 pre-born babies are lost to abortion – with Planned Parenthood, which provides various women's health services but is also the nation's largest abortion provider, responsible for approximately 900 of them.

Shortly after midnight the last Friday in July, when Senate Republicans' “skinny repeal” of Obamacare — which would have essentially defunded Planned Parenthood — was defeated, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards claimed victory.

The major player in the abortion rights movement cried that “women won” that night:

Yet, today, because of abortion, roughly 1,268 women will never even get the chance to win at anything.

How does that equate to women “winning?”

This year, thousands of women will be pressured to abort, whether by a partner, by family, or by cultural and economic pressures. Many won’t be given alternative options.

Perhaps I’m too much of an idealist, but that’s not how I see “women winning.” My vision of victory for women is one in which each and every woman has the opportunity to live, laugh, love, and even lose.

Yet the abortion lobbyists in Washington, D.C. are still proclaiming that “women won” while toasting to the half billion dollars of federal funding that Planned Parenthood gets to keep for now — and, with a portion of those taxpayer dollars propelling Cecile Richards into the top 1% of earners in the U.S., I am sure she can afford enough champagne to go around.

Abortion has claimed the lives of nearly 30 million innocent, defenseless women since 1973. These women were, in some cases, snuffed out in the name of choice and convenience, or from abusive pressure. Unlike me, they never had the opportunity to play the soccer game, to work for the scholarship, or to run for the election. They didn’t have the choice.

Those millions aborted are just the beginning. How many more women have suffered from physical and mental anguish from losing a child to abortion? Are they winning, too?

While Planned Parenthood and its affiliates celebrate a victory at the expense of unborn babies, I’m taking a donation of a few boxes of diapers to my local pregnancy center and joining a sidewalk counseling group outside of an abortion facility. And I know that I will not be alone.

For women to truly win, abortion must be unthinkable. I will keep working towards that day, with all the love, compassion, and fortitude in my heart. Join me.

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