They Call Famous 'Christian Abortionist' 'Brave'. Women Like My Daughter Are the Real Heroes.

| SEP 12, 2017 | 6:31 PM

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LouAnn Rieley/IJR

Martha Plimpton, actress and proud advocate of “women’s reproductive rights”, recently told an enthusiastic audience that her “best” abortion was performed in Seattle, the city hosting the event where she and Dr. Willie Parker shared a stage calmly discussing the merits of deliberately killing unborn children.  

Dr. Parker is an abortionist who claims to be a Christian. If you google his name, you'll see that articles and tweets about him include words such as “brave,” “courageous,” and “fearless.” Feminist sites tout the value of his “mission and ministry."  

But there is nothing virtuous about the wanton destruction of babies who were conceived under less than ideal circumstances. There is nothing Christian in an ideology that exalts self above others, especially one’s own child. There is nothing benevolent about raking in thousands of dollars a day dismembering babies.

One of my granddaughters was conceived out of wedlock and into what looked, at the time, like a situation where she would grow up without the benefit of parents who could provide a stable, two-parent home.

My daughter Kelly recently shared her thoughts about her unplanned pregnancy on Facebook:

“I will always remember the day I found out I was expecting Nora. Because I was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan at the time I was afraid people would think the pregnancy was an intentional move although it could not have been further from the truth. Buying the pregnancy test alone was an embarrassment. Hiding to take the test was shameful.

The moment it came back positive was surreal. I was terrified, disappointed and even labeled myself a failure. Nineteen years old, unmarried and pregnant.

As the first few months unfolded there was no sign my situation would be a positive one. Two weeks before Nora was due I was sitting in a rocking chair in my parent’s living room crying because I thought I would have everything figured out in time for Nora’s arrival. I didn’t.

Alas, Nora arrived and I was still a mess.

No matter my current state, there she was, a beautiful, healthy baby girl. Suddenly Coop (Nora’s father) and I had the most beautiful thing in common and we both wanted to give her the best of both of us. Suddenly the needs of this precious gift trumped any of our own wants. Motherhood truly washed over me with the same excitement and energy as a wave in the ocean.

Motherhood has found me again with my precious Victoria and my strapping little man Seth. If you can imagine I feel a little guilty that when I found out about them we were excited rather than worried. Regardless, we have been given eternal gifts out of the grace of God. And I would not change it for anything.

Psalm 127:4-5 says, 'As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man so are the children of the youth. Happy is the man that has his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies at the gate.'"

Coop and Kelly were married when Nora was four months old.  They just welcomed another little girl, Clara.

Credit: LouAnn Rieley/IJR

Dr. Willie Parker is hailed by some, including Plimpton during the interview, as a brave Christian hero. The brave ones are really couples like Kelly and Coop, who have faced unplanned pregnancies with grace and selfless love toward the tiny life they created.

The ones who honor God are those who gather around them with encouragement and support to help them carry their baby to term. The fearless ones are all those who will boldly stand for the truth that all life is precious in the midst of a pro-abortion culture.

Even though it was a difficult few months for our family as Kelly prepared to give birth to Nora, never once did she consider abortion. Kelly believed that inconvenience, poverty, embarrassment, or wanting to control her own body did not give her the right to take another person’s life. The life that Kelly and Coop gave to us in Nora has changed mine forever.

Credit: LouAnn Rieley/IJR

The wealth that Dr. Parker has accumulated through his work — and the fame Ms. Plimpton acquired after she was free to pursue her acting career unencumbered by unwanted children — can never compare to the joy of holding our beautiful Nora in my arms and hearing her sweet voice whisper, “I love you, Mom-mom.”

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