Want to Take a Knee to Make a Difference? Pray for the Family of a Fallen Soldier.

KEVIN JONES | SEP 27, 2017 | 1:22 AM

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As a former Green Beret, I am disgusted by the actions of NFL players, coaches and owners this past weekend. Even worse were alleged leaders of our country — politicians from both parties — who voiced support for disrespecting the posting of colors and the playing of our national anthem, arguing that, after all, it’s just a game. I strongly disagree.

This is no game. These “protests” disparage our military men and women who have risked all — many of whom have given the ultimate sacrifice — to defend the freedoms represented by our flag, and to protect Americans at home and abroad, including the very players who now denigrate their service. The disrespect shown from the front offices to the playing field is no different than that of those who, during and after the Vietnam War, spit on our returning service members.

Celebrity athletes have found fame and fortune on a soft manicured field, while those proudly wearing the flag on their uniforms dodged bullets and bombs in wet trenches and on barren, dusty battlefields. There are no “bye” weeks to relax between engagements, nor are there “pre-season” battles that don’t count toward victory or loss.

No one serving is motivated by money or a contract for their own namesake line of combat boots. A bad day in Iraq didn't mean a sprained ankle or pulled hamstring — it meant somebody died or was gravely wounded. On our field, we took tough hits and we got back into the fight.

So you want to take a knee to make a point? Take a knee and pray for a fallen brother or sister and their loved ones that have been left.

Take a knee and ask for God’s protection as the brave set out to once again defend the United States of America, to proudly liberate the oppressed in a faraway place, and to represent the flag of freedom recognized everywhere in the world, except perhaps on an NFL football field and among some selfish politicians in Congress.

The world is watching. The NFL and the politicians who give compliant support, by their actions, provide aid and comfort to our enemies who revel in orchestrated unrest in our country. As patriots, we must fight back. First, tune out the NFL and deny it relevance. Next, in 2018, exercise your rights and elect patriotic leaders — men and women of strong character.

It’s time to cut the politicians from the congressional roster.

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