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Neil Dwyer

Neil Dwyer is a writer and broadcaster of all subjects, including politics and sports. A native New Yorker, he has written for AOL, Red Alert Politics, and spent a night hosting on the best sports station in the country, WFAN. Neil graduated with a d...more

President Trump Should Pick NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly For FBI Director
By - a year ago
It's been a game of points so far for President Donald Trump. As his approval rating in the polls (which everyone has taken sides on)...
Jeff Sessions' Marijuana Comments Went Too Far, But What He's Getting At Is Not Outrageous
By - a year ago
Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke in front of law enforcement in Richmond, Virginia this week, and the topic turned to drug use. Th...
Mike Francesa Is Not Wrong For Questioning Female Coaches In Men's Professional Sports
By - a year ago
It's a question that has plagued man - especially man - since the dawn of time... or since Spalding claimed Abner Doubleday invented b...
As An Aspiring Journalist, I Agree - We Should Be Willing To Write Something For Free
By - a year ago
One of the biggest talking points entering this new administration was jobs - -and even more in depth, the seeming lack of paid opport...