Gun Control Proposal Would Make Owner Responsible for Crimes Committed With Unsecured Weapons

An Oregon gun control proposal would crack down on how firearms are stored and put the responsibility on owners if their gun is used in a crime.

According to NBC News affiliate KGW, the proposed measure would require gun owners to secure any firearm with a trigger or cable lock or in a locked container.

In addition to requiring the firearm to be secured any time the person isn’t using or carrying it, it also would make gun owners liable if an unsecured gun is used in a crime.

The exceptions to this rule being in times of self-defense or when used in the defense of another person.

KGW also reported the measure would make it a requirement for gun owners to report stolen guns within 24 hours of learning of the theft.

Consequences for violating the potential law include fines and further legal action.

The proposed November 2018 ballot measure was filed by Oregonians for Safe Gun Storage, and third chief petitioner Henry Wessinger called it “past time” for the law.

“It is past time to set standards and consequences for the minority of Oregon gun owners who create tragic situations for others because of their negligence,” he told ABC News affiliate KDRV.

He added that the majority of Oregon gun owners are “responsible” and already practice the safe gun storage the proposal promotes.

TJ Singleton/Flickr

In 2012, a man with a stolen AR-15 rifle shot and killed two people and seriously injured a third at the Clackamas Town Center.

Chief petitioner Jenna Yuille lost a family member during the shooting and told KDRV standards for gun storage will “save lives.”

“Oregon deserves a culture where gun owners behave responsibly,” Paul Kemp, another petitioner, told KGW. “This is how we will make our communities safer and cure the scourge of gun violence that is plaguing our state.”

In order to have the measure appear on the ballot in November, it will ultimately require 88,184 signatures.

Oregonians for Safe Gun Storage told KGW they expect to obtain the initial 1,000 signatures by the end of the week.