O’Rourke Claims He May Not Have to Work With the GOP as President Because Dems Will Win at All Levels in 2020

Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) seems to think that Democrats will have a lock on the House, Senate, and Oval Office after the 2020 elections.

While the races for the House and one-third of the Senate have been largely overshadowed by the presidential primary races, O’Rourke claimed he may not have to negotiate with Republican leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) if he becomes president because Democrats could win back that chamber and keep the House.

O’Rourke explained his optimism during a Sunday morning interview on “Face the Nation” after host Margaret Brennan claimed the former congressman would struggle to pass his ideal immigration plan with Republicans running the Senate.

Watch O’Rourke’s interview:

Brennan: You’ll be reliant on bending Republicans to your will on that.

O’Rourke: Well, I’m not so sure that I’m willing to concede that point. There are a lot of great candidates running for congressional seats and U.S. Senate seats across this country. I’m confident that 2020 is going to produce a significant change, not just in the White House, but in both houses of Congress. I think that Democratic majority on immigration, on healthcare, on a more inclusive economy, on confronting the challenge of climate before it’s too late is going to be able to show success for the American people at this defining moment of truth.

While O’Rourke may not be willing to “conceded” that Republicans are likely to keep the Senate, he may want to take a look at some of the projections for the 34 Senate seats up in 2020.

The Democratic caucus in the Senate has 35 seats that are not up for reelection including the two independent Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Angus King (I-Maine) who generally caucus with the party. Republicans have 31 seats that are not up for reelection.

Democrats could take back the Senate mathematically, but they would have to flip some deep red states to do so:

  • Ten solidly red states including South Dakota, Wyoming, and Louisiana, have Senate seats up that have been considered to be safe wins for the Republican Party.
  • Seven states including Texas, Iowa, and Tennessee have senate races that are considered “likely” wins for Republicans.
  • Three others, including Maine, Georgia, and North Carolina are considered to “lean” in favor of the Republican party.
  • Colorado, Arizona, and Alabama are considered toss-up races.

That means Republicans are favored to win 51 seats, and there are also complete toss-ups that Republicans could snag. Democrats, on the other hand, only have 46 seats that lean in their favor, meaning they would have to win every toss-up and flip a seat that leans red.

Despite his own blowing defeat by Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in 2018, O’Rourke seems confident that his party will defy the odds to win back the White House and Senate while maintaining the House.

As IJR previously reported, McConnell is happy to be the Democrats’ foil in the Senate.

“Being criticized for stopping the liberal agenda and confirming conservatives judges, I love it.”


  1. Butto won’t have to worry about working with the GOP because he will never be President.

  2. Beto will choke on these words later. BS artist!

  3. If O’Rourke acts like AOC, he gets more coverage than if he acts sane – of course he is a Democrat

  4. He is correct. There is a statistical chance that the Democrats could take both houses, and the White House. However, it’s a case of because there are two parties, there is ALWAYS a statistical chance that could happen. I look at it this way- as it is impossible for it to not happen, it must be possible, however improbable it might be.

  5. I thought Beppo was nuts now I believe he is insane

  6. What amazes me is that this idiot O’Rourke only lost by 2.6 percentage points to Ted Cruz in a state that is traditionally red. Should have been a landslide for Ted Cruz. I just hope there’s enough ‘woke’ voters out there to take the House in 2020.

    1. Parr of the reason is because, while Ted Ceuz is brilliant, for some reason he’s personally unpopular. Beto is exactly the opposite. I live in Texas and I’ve not heard any of the criticism of Cornyn that I did about Cruz.

  7. Even if what he said happens it is not in the best interest of the country. A diversity of opinion and sensible compromise and consensus is better for all and usually yields better results. (“It is better to stay silent and let people think you are foolish and stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.)

  8. Please,lord… do not let even the slightest possibility exist, that this lunatic could ever mate with that other lunatic, A.O.C. ..
    The world is never going to be ready for that spawn…

  9. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Blind Beto speaketh BS…

  10. O’Dork couldn’t be elected to pick up armadillo carcasses along all the interstates in America.

  11. Proving one more time that Beto O’Dork is out of his mind and if that occurred it’s adios America.

  12. I can’t believe any American would cast a vote for the dem cartel and continued degradation of our nation, our freedom and our prosperity .

  13. The question that will be asked by millions of Americans should his predictions come true would be; Where do we go to escape this unmitigated horror?

    1. There is no where to go, we make our stand here or we freely hand over our last remaining freedoms.

  14. I’m ashamed that he is from the great State of Texas

  15. This guy is literally living in his own little dream world and thinks it’s reality. The Democrats constantly question Trump’s mental stability and they literally live in a false reality that they can’t even notice isn’t reality. The fact they ever propped up this lunatic or the rest of the hand out commie squad should make anyone with a shred of intelligence that ever voted Democrat feel ashamed I know I do.

  16. Demos are heading for another crucial downfall as in 2016. They will really be impossible to deal with then.

  17. Ummm was he at the joke of a debate??? ???? win a big fat LOSS maybe. They’ve got like two counties in all of his home state that I actually like him the rest of them want him to vanish….

  18. O’Rourke’s odds of winning (let alone being nominated) are slim to none.

  19. It must be tough being the El Paso Idiot, when it is too big to be a village.

  20. The Wise Oyrish Latino has exactly two chances of being POTUS — and Slim’s picture is now on milk cartons.

  21. I think O’Rourke should take his blinders off.

  22. He has just proven that he is not fit to be in office, because he is living in Dreamland.
    Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland.

  23. Rhodent Boy only wins the nomination if all other Dems drop out, so what he thinks is irrelevant.

  24. There is only ONE way that the Democrats will win in 2020. And that’s if the Lord lets them take it. Since the Democrats (DEMONS) worship Satan, that’s a snowball’s chance in Hell that He’s going to let them, unless they do something between now and the elections that Father says FINE! I’ll let you live in your sinful ways, turn you over to your reprobate minds, but I’m taking those that you will harm, MY PEOPLE, out of the way…

    THAT’S what will give the Democrats a win because there will be NO one to be around to vote for anyone, but their own kind.

  25. What a buffoon. Didn’t he eat dirt for some crazy reason? The future of the Democratic party along with ACO, lmao

  26. That statement right there automatically disqualifies him as POTUS… it proves that he is delusional

  27. O’Dork as with really all of the Democrats are now relegated to “saying anything” It doesn’t matter anymore what they say, it’s a race to be the biggest lair and most outrageous

  28. Well, since he hasn’t a chance in h*II of even getting nominated, nothing to worry about.

  29. in other words FAKE BETO is relying on the lazy,liberals who want FREE STUFF to get out and vote for the one who promises the MOST FREE STUFFpromising the FREE STUFF, this guy is one big A$$ clown

  30. Is he running for president of Mexico? Saw a video of him campaigning there the other day.

    1. Yes he was in Mexico with Nancy Pelosi Meeting with Mexico presidente I sure wonder what that was all about. Don’t trust any of them.

  31. What a Self Absorbed POS ,,, Typical DumboCrat ,,, they think the Sun rises/sets on them and so out of tough with Americans.

  32. As a Democrat for many years I see that as being very bad for the United States. It shames me to see the Democrats going in the direction they are today. Seems they only want the power and don’t give a damn about the people.

  33. Delusional comes to mind…

  34. Another bigoted mentality. IF you were to become president, to be a functional president FOR THE PEOPLE… you MUST work with the elected representatives of the PEOPLE.

  35. Beto just needs to keep yelling himself that. Meanwhile in the real world no one is listening.

  36. O’Rourke is living in a fantasy world.

  37. All the Dembo’s remain in lala land.

  38. Da Da and we now know who the real space cadet is for the Demorats. Amazing!

    1. No there are too many space cadets. They’ve become the party of Stalin

  39. There’s just something about him…I just can’t tell what it is…and no one else seems to be able to!!

    1. I agree with you !! Something strange and creepy at the same time!

  40. Talk about a person being totally out of touch with reality . . .

  41. O’Dork may have a lock-box somewhere like vainglorious Al Gore ‘did’ but the only thing locked is the fact that Beto is a cartoon that’s not funny and he will have to be invited to the White House unless he wants to take one of the tours
    Bye, Beto or ¡Adios!

  42. Sure sounds like Bozo has been smoking some of that West Texas loco weed or maybe some he imported with a group of Illegal Alien Invaders.

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