‘This Is America’: Cruz and O’Rourke Set a Bipartisan Example During Airport Run-in After Midterm Race

Democrat U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) bumped into each other at the airport, unexpectantly meeting for the first time since their close 2018 midterms Texas Senate race.

What the two did once they noticed each other brought unity since the midterms when Republican Cruz beat O’Rourke, gaining re-election in the Senate.

Sergio Flores/Reuters

Texas A&M student in the Bush School of Government and Public Service, Tiffany Easter, shared the run-in between the two on Tuesday at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

For the first time since the re-election, O’Rourke noticed Cruz at the Texas airport waiting for the same flight to Washington D.C., so O’Rourke went over to congratulate Cruz.

In “awe,” Easter shared photos and details of the meeting that was a “HIGH quality encounter.”

O’Rourke and Cruz’s encounter led to a discussion on “how they could move forward TOGETHER.”

“The Texas Senate race was one of the most contested and most watched in the nation. Today we literally watched them come together. This is America,” Easter wrote.

Easter’s post has gone viral with the encounter “showing us the best of America today,” — adding that it showed “conversion, courage, humility, and inspiration.”

“Post-election doesn’t mean the conversation and civic engagement stops — in fact, it means the opposite.”

The Texas A&M student told The Hill that the fact that the posts have gone viral “it confirms that America is craving encounters like this. A simple handshake and conversation can go a long way.”

“America needs good stories like this to show we’re only divided if we choose to be and I hope people take this example, as simple as it is, and pass it forward,” Easter said.

Easter appeared on CNN to share how the encounter went down.

“We, as Americans, just we as humans in general, are enticed by drama but we’re empowered by positivity,” Easter said on CNN.

Watch the video below:

“When we choose to believe that this interaction was genuine, and from all accounts, everybody watching, it was,” Easter said, adding that the positivity shown in the three-minute conversation between O’Rourke and Cruz is what the American people are craving.


  1. How nice. I shed a tear, but then again I was slicing onions as I was reading this article. ?

    1. You read articles while chopping onions? I know I’m not the best with a knife…ok fine, or cooking in general… but that is some sort of sorcery to be sure. 😉

  2. Beto must be so happy he lost. Now he can concentrate on his presidential ambitions without the pesky distraction of actually working as a Senator. He’s still got the bulk of that $38M for his warchest.

    1. I had thought that as well. He will definitely be a candidate. I’m not saying he will be a good candidate, but he will run.

  3. I saw that Ted Cruz tweeted about this A LOT — the picture is on his feed five times! Interesting end to a heated campaign.

    1. Yeah, an interesting comparison with Beto O’Rourke not tweeting about it at all.

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