O’Rourke Fires Back at Dems Who Say He’s Taking Gun Policy Too Far, Says They’re ‘Complicit’ in Gun Violence

Beto O'Rourke
Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) isn’t thrilled with the Democrats who have spoken out against his proposed gun confiscation plan.

The presidential hopeful has proposed a mandatory buyback of “military-style” weapons, such as the AR-15. O’Rourke hasn’t shied away from calling the plan a confiscation, saying in the last Democratic debate, “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15s, your AK-47.”

In response to this, several Democrats have expressed opposition. Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) made his distaste for O’Rourke’s proposal clear, as IJR previously reported.

“Beto’s one human being. He gave his own opinion, OK? I think it was very harmful to make it look like all the Democrats. I can tell you one thing: [O’Rourke’s] not taking my guns away from me,” Manchin told Lindsay Wise of the Wall Street Journal, adding, “You tell Beto that OK?”

Similarly, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) claimed he doesn’t know any members of his party who support O’Rourke’s buyback.

During an interview on CNN, host Chris Cuomo asked if O’Rourke agreed with Democrats who believe he is hurting their chances in passing gun legislation by pushing such extreme measures. O’Rourke said he wasn’t, adding that he believes Democrats who are unwilling to support measures like his are “complicit” in gun violence.

Watch O’Rourke’s comments below:

“Listen, if they had made some progress already I might buy that argument, but many of those Democrats are complicit in what we see right now. I mean, the Republicans are the most obstinate and the most obstructionist and the most in the pockets of the NRA. But it’s been a bipartisian problem that the Centers for Disease Control couldn’t even study gun violence. Here we are in 2019 and we still don’t have universal background checks or red flag laws or we allow the assault weapons ban to expire even though it did so much good and saved so many lives. This old policy and tactic of relying on polls and allowing the NRA to set the terms of the debate no longer works for me and no longer works for this country.”

In the interview, O’Rourke also claimed that, if he became president, he wouldn’t settle for the measures being pushed by Democrats right now in H.R. 8 — Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill to curb gun violence with universal background checks, red flag laws, and a ban on the sale of assault weapons. Although he supports passing those measures, he said that Americans need to be “intellectually honest” about steps after them.

“Yes, universal background checks absolutely will save lives. Red flag laws will do the same. An end to end the sale of weapons of war, let’s take that while we can. But let’s also be intellectually honest with one another. And if there’s harm in selling them, then there’s harm in the fact that 15 million of them exist out there and any one of them at any time can be turned against us or more importantly — and this is what I truly fear — against our kids,” said O’Rourke, adding, “And if we’re going to acknowledge that, then we also have to acknowledge that we have to do something about it.”

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Beta is desperately flailing for attention and completely without thought.

Does he understand that he and the other candidates have spurred sales of guns and ammo? I know. I own some gun industry stocks.

While I’m neither expecting a Clinton, Obozo, or Hillary-sized boost, I’m already looking at gains.

Go Robert Francis a/k/a Beta a/k/a Tex Kennedy.


Notice how everything he mentions either already exists or is blatantly unconstitutional/illegal. 1. NICS exists. Make it work more effectively. Adding another wheel to a car does notihing to improve it’s performance. 2. Red flag laws, as written, ignore due process and provide NO redress for those found not guilty. 3. I’m of the mind that feral hogs, deer, or larger animals require more than 5.56/.223. for HUMANE and responsible harvesting. The warming cultists and environmentalists should support the harvesting of game, especially wild pigs. ALL produce methane/CO2 and pigs destroy wetlands, eat endangered species, and pollute streams. Wild pig,… Read more »


The more this Bozo talks about guns the less he shows he knows. (1) Universal background checks will NOT stop any shooter. (2) Red Flag rules will only be used to confiscate the guns of law-abiding citizens. Incidents of that happening have already been recorded – twice just recently in Florida alone. (3) IF an “assault weapons ban” were to be passed into law as another useless piece of “feels good because we did something” legislation, it would have NO effect on ANY rifle presently owned by ANY American gun owner. The general public is NOT PERMITTED TO OWN an… Read more »





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