He Needs to Fill the ‘Meat on the Bones’: O’Rourke Isn’t Getting the Warmest 2020 Welcome from Dems

Ben Brewer/Reuters

Less than a week after launching his presidential campaign, 2020 Democratic hopeful Beto O’Rourke is facing backlash from several Democrats.

O’Rourke’s “just born to be in it” remark on the cover of Vanity Fair garnered criticism from many and caused them to question “white privilege,” according to The Hill.

“When I saw the cover with that quote … I was like, ‘Man, I hope I didn’t say that,'” he told reporters following the criticism. ” … I’m born to serve, I’m born to try to help bring people together. … So I don’t know if anyone is born for an office or position, and I certainly am not. But I do think that I find my purpose and function in life in doing this kind of work.”

He also had other hiccups over the past week, one including a report revealing a murder fiction he wrote as a teen and another from his previous campaign-trail joke that his wife raises their children “sometimes with my help” —the Texan apologized for the two instances.

Despite the road bumps, the former Texan representative raised a whopping $6.1 million in day one of his campaign launch, topping the fundraising by other Democrats within their first 24 hours of launching.

“Fundraising aside, I can’t think of a worse start for a presidential candidate,” a Democratic strategist told The Hill.

Ben Brewer/Reuters

O’Rourke wasn’t met with the warmest of welcomes to the 2020 presidential race by Democrats.

“In the heart of ‘Me Too,’ how is this guy anything this party represents?” the Democratic strategist said. “He’s the opposite of progressive.”

Democratic consultant Tracy Sefl labeled it as “the tyranny of bro culture.”

“A seasoned campaign professional — a woman— asked me, ‘Is he running for president in this century?’ A question worth asking based on what voters saw over the past several days,” she said.

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Additionally, Democrats are wanting O’Rourke to start filling the “meat on the bones” when it comes to his policy views.

“We haven’t heard a lot of substance yet,” the Democratic strategist said.

Another Democratic strategist, Eddie Vale, claimed O’Rourke needs to “fill in the meat on the bones to show he has what it takes to be a candidate in an incredibly diverse and successful field.” Vale continued:

“It’s critical that he starts filling out his policy views both so that people know what he believes and can keep up with the big and innovative ideas other candidates are already rolling out. … He’s going to have to show he’s a candidate for this particular moment and so far I can’t say he’s passed the test.”

Watch the video below:

Recently, O’Rourke’s accomplishments were called into question.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) fumbled on Thursday when asked by reporters about O’Rourke’s accomplishments during his time serving in the House of Representatives — to which she then responded that he “brought a great deal of vitality” to Congress.

The ladies on “The View” also asked on Monday if O’Rourke is “presidential material.” Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “I want somebody who knows what they’re doing.”

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